New Hovlund University is an old and venerated school tracing its roots back to the end of the Principality Wars. Best known for its liberal arts (and pre-law) programs, NHU also boasts a history of engineering excellence and a budding medical program. Several notable Skytopian officials and a handful of skyrates are amongst the alumni rolls.

Founded by the engineers responsible for the construction of New Hovlund's massive reservoir, it was initially funded by sitting members of the Commonwealth's Parliament. When the Skytopian Civil War broke out however, the university was forced to seek out a new source of financial backing, which it found amongst the Merchant Guild.

NHU is unique in that it does not have a single, primary campus. Due to the nature of New Hovlund's landscape, large swathes of real estate are hard to come by. NHU buildings are dotted all over the skyland, with only the Administration Center and dormitories in proximity to one another, on the shores of the lower lake.

Owing to its age, legacy, and expansive curriculum, NHU provides secondary education at a premium cost. A significant portion of the student body is from noteworthy Skytopian families, many of whom send children to the school by tradition. The current board does not seem to be interested in discouraging its reputation as a white-collar school.

Notable Skyrate Attendees[edit | edit source]

Rick Burchill

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