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Phantom Junker
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In-game description[]

Many years ago a young Flight Schooler flew off into the Blue to see what was out there. She vanished, but years later a dark plane bearing her registration numbers returned bringing havoc and destruction in its wake.

Combat info[]

The Phantom Junker is a gray CR-4P which you will encounter either by itself in the Phantom Junker Legendary Combat, or in 1001 Cuts, also a Legendary Combat. The Phantom Junker (or "Phunker" to some, "PJ" to others) is superior to the CR-4P in many respects; it has superior armour (in the range of 4-5mm to the CR-4P's 3mm), higher maximum speed, a significantly lower silhouette rating, higher maneuverability and a stronger gun mount. The Phantom Junker typically appears with a machine gun, but has the same chance to get a random gun type as other planes do; all gun types appear to be the same as their small variation, except with 25% more damage per shot when on the Phantom Junker. It is not much of a threat to an experienced pilot.

Name Size Damage Shots Damage per Hit Shots per Second DPS Accuracy(+/-) Ammo/shot Ammo/second Crit Chance Default Crit Damage Crit Damage Bonus Length (px?) Width (degrees)
Custom Machinegun N/A 12.5 1 12.5 10 125 +25 2 20 10% 150% +0% 350 25


The history of the Phantom Junker is based almost entirely on hearsay. One rumor claims that while testing what would later be released as Skyrates 2.2, the Devs created the Phantom Junker as a test plane. The "PJ" attracted hundreds of pirates a time.

A Skyrate from the Crimson Armada known as Thorne, claimed to have fought the PJ, pre-reset, before it was implemented in Skyrates 2.2. The Phantom Junker appears in Thorne's short-story "Zero Sum Combat" as the last of a pirate swarm attacking Thorne's White Rose (a Barracuda) and then his Yellow Canary of Death (an Ingersoll). In the story, Thorne ends the fight by crashing into the Phantom Junker.

It is most likely, however, that the Devs simply adopted the name "Phantom Junker" after the fact in homage to Thorne's creativity.

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