Several Skyrates players have put their coding and design skills to work creating custom tools for the game. From plane design to map navigation to influence and market tracking, these tools can make an experienced player's life easier, or overwhelm a new player with information that will only be relevant after weeks of gameplay and exploration.

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nehp tools returned from the ashes (after a very long time) to try to keep the data alive!





After Round 2.3 ended,Captain Waffles suspended development of The Mechanic. Round 2.4 did not include upgrades, so there was little need for a replacement. When Round 2.5 opened, bringing an entirely new upgrade structure, Istatay introduced Hotmod[1], a simple tool for planning a single plane's upgrades. The tool didn't remain simple for long, and Istatay maintains a list of planned features for Hotmod. Istatay also maintains Hotshot, which calculates the damage potential of various weapons and mods.

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Kathryn, the "Tally Teller" of Skytopia, first created her "Influence Toys" in June 2008[2], building on nehp's (no longer defunct) Top 100 Influence Dailies. Her site has since grown to include market data[3], a series of news feeds, and a "Lurker" who watches all three public chat channels. On December 13, 2009, the site,, went offline, though the root domain remains functional. There is no word from Kathryn regarding this outage or its expected duration.

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