Raider Joe's
Joe Colombus


"Silly Food at Serious Prices"
Founded 190 AU
Location Jordan
Dissolved N/A
Product/Service Specialty Foods
Affiliation Neutral

Raider Joe's is a privately held chain of specialty grocery stores headquartered on Jordan. As of 207 AU, Raider Joe's has a total of 27 stores. Its stores are located most densely in the core skylands, but the grocery company has locations on outer ring skylands such as Volstoy and Phillipia. The chain does not currently operate on any of the Alpha Platforms. Raider Joe's was founded by Joe Colombus and is currently owned by a family trust set up by Cidadian billionaire Theo Allbright.

Raider Joe's and the Merchant Guild occasionally competed with each other during the early 190's AU as both organizations grew in size. An agreement was reached in 195 AU that maintains Raider Joe's as a retail food store, and guarantees the Merchant Guild a role as exclusive supplier. A clause of this agreement bars Raider Joe's from opening a store on Eltsina itself. Leaders of both groups are discussing possible amendments to this clause with the goal of allowing operation on the skyland.

Out of respect to the tradition of its Great Marketplace and refusal to compete with it, Raider Joe's has never opened a store on Sharif.

Raider Joe's is traded on the Cidade Intercambio as RAJS.


Raider Joe's has locations on

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