Raptor Defense Squad
RDS Logo
"Proudly defending Gonk from the Raptor hordes."
Leader Jade MaxSquirrel
Location Gonk
Founded Skyrates 2.4
Dissolved When Raptors kill us all.
Jade Kippei
Jade Acero
Jade Borevich
Jade Victor Grissom
Jade Taricha

The Raptor Defense Squad focuses on the eradication of the Raptor Menace on Gonk. Founded by MaxSquirrel, pilot extraordinaire, its members are long-time members of the Jade Hand and close friends who hate Raptors. A lot.


Strict discipline is maintained at all times in the face of the overwhelming Raptor menace. A committed team through and through, the RDS function as a crack military unit on the battlefield and drinking buddies off of it.


Kill Raptors. Kill them dead.


The RDS may or may not eventually become a political party within the Emerald Republic as all of its members have served the Hand in some governmental capacity or the other. While its members are responsible, their past exploits including "Operation: Cookie Earmuffs" have given their opponents political fodder. As a result, the RDS has stayed out of politics as an organization.

Drink OrdersEdit

MaxSquirrel: "Absinthe Daiquiri. It's been a long day."

Borevich: "What do you have for stripping engine grease? - That."

Kippei: "Whiskey Sour, and Mozzarella Sticks for the table."

Acero: "Beer. Oh, and do you still have those cheese fries?"

Victor Grissom: "Martini with those amazing olives from Steppe"

Taricha: "Chilled vodka with a side of salmon and crackers, if you'd be so kind."

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