William Standfast
Illustrissimus et Reverendissimus Dominus
Born Unknown, Barrens
Species Goat
Faction Earthen Order

The Reverend William Standfast is a senior member of the Earthen Order and a member of the original expedition from the Barrens to Skytopia. Prior to the Hidden War, Acolyte Steven was appointed as his personal attendant.

Standfast is a strong believer in the divinity of Magnus, His Prophet Alcuin and the restoration of the Kingdom of Magnus. His uncompromising nature is often seen as demagoguery by those who do not share his hardline views.


  • In real life, Reverend is a style that is predominantly used by the Christian clergy. It does not suggest any specific title in itself.
  • Standfast does not have an official first name as yet. His suggested name is meant to recall Three Billy Goats Gruff: the Barrens and Skytopia being the two sides of the bridge, billy goat being a male goat, Bill being short for William, and Standfast being a rather gruff goat.[1] Standfast would undoubtedly be the third billy goat who -- instead of tricking the troll -- simply throws the troll off the bridge.


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