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Scouting Balloon
Put a picture of the scout balloon from top down here, please?
Tier 0?
Combat Armor: 1-mm
Manuever: 1?
Ammo: ??? rounds
Performance Max Speed: ??? kph
Stall Speed: ??? kph
Acceleration: ??? kph/s
Corner Velocity: 10 kph
Forward: 1x Small Turret
Rear: None
Wing: None
Diagonals: None
Availability: Combat

Scouting Balloon

The Scouting Balloon is a special zeppelin/blimp-type "plane" that cannot be bought by players, and is seen solely in the employ of the Pirate Faction. It is a bright green hot air balloon, with a blue ring around the balloon and a blue diamond on the top. The fins are presumably somehow related to the craft's propulsion or maneuvering.

Rumoured to be part of a bizarre hazing ritual for new pirates, these utterly unmaneuverable and very poorly protected balloons are little more than floating targets, even for those Skyrates who are truly ineffectual in a fight. The Scouting Balloon possesses a single Small Turret mount with very limited arc range, which is frequently fitted with a machinegun. Whilst individually they are of little threat, their turrets a bit more threatening with flaks (or howitzers if one has a high Silhouette plane)

Oddly, the Scouting Balloon can perform all known maneuvers like Loop and Wingover. Like the other zeppelin/blimp-type aircraft, it's sprite does not "deform" when turning or maneuvering like the fixed-wing aircraft, so watching it slide from side to side or do a sudden flip around as part of a maneuver can be a touch disconcerting... or amusing, once you realise what's happening.

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