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Protectorate of Shriebeck
View of Protectorate of Shriebeck
General Info
Climate: Dusty, arid
Danger: Low
Industries: Mining and Refining
Exports: Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Titanium, Nickel, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rare Earth Metals
For Sale
Planes: Seahawk
Upgrades: R Sticker, Increased Ammo, Internal Air Diversion Plates, Boring Out, Med Armor Plating, Lightweight Shell, Improved Wings, Large External Fuel Tank, Med External Cargo Hold

"Skylands" Page Description[]

In the chaos following the Upheaval, the assembled survivors gathered together in loose bands, united in either trying to bring order to disorder, or profiting from the disorder. Loose pirate kingdoms, principalities, fought against one another, gathering resources from the great skylands all in an attempt to fund their empires. Shriebeck, originally only a mining outpost, was converted by Admiral Fuseli into one of the most brutal training camps in Skytopia, turning out an elite cadre of soldiers working directly under Fuseli's orders.

Enhanced Information[]

Shriebeck is a large, arid skyland situated between Fuseli and the Central Core. It has long been home to a mining camp that brings up ore from the rocky skyland's center. Shriebeck was the location of Admiral Fuseli's coup against Admiral Svendheim, and since the Armada's founding there has been a large military presence there. The Armada operates the mine with help from local workers, though in recent years Fuseli's administration has come under criticism for the way the workers are treated.

The government has refused to create a skyland holiday on Fuselicorn 15th, the date of Birthday. Even so, many workers take the day off and travel to Jordan, Isla di Pisa, Fuseli or Lhasa.

One of Shriebeck's main attractions for Skyrates, especially new ones, is that it is home to a fairly respectably sized market of "After-Market Outfitting Specialists", or in other words, upgrade manufacturers, thus making it a prime location to pick up new equipment for one's plane. The supply of metal coming out of Shriebeck has attracted many metalworking industries of course, as one can get the metal for much cheaper if they buy it almost directly from the source rather than ordering it and having it shipped out to their own skylands.

Well-known skyrates from Shriebeck[]

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