Skyrates version 2.2 map

This version of Skytopia included 38 skylands and became known as the New World. It was specifically designed to limit beginning players to a just handful of skylands, sometimes affectionately referred to as "Noobville", by significantly increasing the distances to other skylands. Skylands outside of the beginner's ring were also engineered to be more lucrative for trading to encourage more advanced players not to traffic too much in the beginner's ring. [edit]

The Race to Grottopolis and Uurwerk Edit

Edmund C. Fex became the first to reach the newly discovered skylands, earning him the Forum title "Explorer".[1] [edit]

Ellington Radio Edit

Skytopia's first regularly broadcast radio program, earned Ellington the Forum title "Hack Journalist". Shortly after debuting, Jarylan Hundecoph joined the Ellington Radio team and was later awarded the Forum title "Adventure Journalist". (more...) [edit]

Tortugan Marathon Edit

A competition hosted by the Echo Flight School, the Great Tortugan Marathon Hunt was a competition to see who could shoot down the largest number of pirates within a 5-day window. Burrito Loco scored the most manual kills and won the Forum title "Combat Guru". Drah'k'mar had the most auto-resolved kills and was awarded the Forum title "Hannah's Red Wings".[2] [edit]

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