Skytopia2.6map crop

Skyrates version 2.6 map


Below are the new features introduced in Skyrates version 2.6.

Plane Stat ChangesEdit

In order to open up the end game to a larger variety of planes, plane stats were adjusted so each plane followed a strict ckph growth based on type.

New MapEdit

The map was again shifted slightly, most significantly bringing Uurwerk and Grottopolis closer to the core.

Influence GameEdit

Missions were reworked to better work with the new plane stats.


Planes no longer accumulated penalties from negative condition. Instead the player gained a condition effect for every 20% of condition that was repaired.


The apprentice speed boost was implemented. After one day of being an apprentice, the player received a 5% speed boost for as long as the player stayed with that mentor.

The mentor bonus changed to being a 2% bonus to influence earned per apprentice that ran influence in the last 2 days.

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