The Skybrary

The Skytopian calendar is the method used to track the passage of time in Skytopia. The current incarnation of the calendar is divided into two eras: Before Upheaval and After Upheaval, in reference to the Great Upheaval, which can be considered the end of the old world and the beginning of modern Skytopia.


The calendar counts how many years have passed since the Great Upheaval using the suffix A.U. for "After Upheaval." (June 2009 marked the year 220 A.U.)


  • Fuselicorn (January)
  • Delphanus (February)
  • Upheavalardalis (March)
  • Earthbreachica (April)
  • Halifaximus (May)
  • Gilboötes (June)
  • Magnus (July)
  • Unobtarius (August)
  • Islo Major (September)
  • Islo Minor (October)
  • Eltsinapeia (November)
  • Tortugatition (December)

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