The Skybrary

The island of Getty had a tribe called the "Spectria Crimsa", which means "blood shadow" in their native tongue. It is currently extinct, with two surviving members, one of which is Darkstar.

Tribe Roles[]

There are three tribe roles:

  • Breeders, as the name implies, have a duty to procreate and heal warriors. Like all members of the tribe, they know deadly techniques, but these are only used in dire circumstances.
  • Ambassadors handled affairs without violence. They were brilliant orators. As Dark puts it, "They could make a ferret sit down and a bear 'ug a cactus."
  • Warriors are raised to kill, unsurprisingly. Warriors are castrated at 14, as they should not be distracted from their duty. They are allowed to feel the kiss of a woman only on their deathbed.


The history of the Spectria Crimsa can be divided into three main sections: The Spectrian Wars, The Great Peace, and The Pirate Invasion.

The Spectrian Wars Although the last to fade, the Spectria Crimsa was not the only tribe on Getty. Initially there were three tribes, The Spectria Verdes (Tree Ghost), The Spectria Gorna (Life Ghost), and, of course, The Spectria Crimsa. For over one hundred years these tribes warred until an agreement was finally made and the tribes' roles and lands were equally distributed.

The Great Peace After the years of warring the three Spectrian tribes began an new era founded on the idea of divided specializations. The Spectria Verdes was responsible for all the agricultural and architectural development. The Spectria Gorna was responsible for all of the matters of judgement and governmental affairs. And the Spectria Crimsa was to provide soliders, healsr, and negotiators-- in the event some conflict were to arise. This period lasted for over seventy-five years, until the Explorers "discovered" the sacred tribes and brought aviation to the world of the Spectria.

The Pirate Invasion After being introduced to flight and learning to speak both their native tongue (Spectrian) and Skylandian, The Spectrian people began to incorporate aviation into their culture. Mixing the traditional roles of the tribes with planes. However, not long after being "discovered" Pirates descended on the culture and began killing and enslaving the Spectrians; making them mining slaves or crew members. A few members of the tribe managed to fight back the pirate horde, but the effects of the defense were only temporary. Only two members of the Spectrian race survived the Pirate Invasion: Darkstar, the male Spectria Crimsa warrior, and Starriver the female Spectria Crimsa breeder.


Spectrian beliefs revolve around the concept of Gorna -- in context, it means either "life" or "love".
Another Spectrian belief is the belief in reincarnation or rebirth. The only way to justify a vice is to die and be reborn as something better.