The Skybrary
Steel Reinforced Hull
Upgrade Category: Hull Upgrades
She's heavy, but she can take a hit like nobody's business
Armor (mm) 0
Armor Class +12
Maneuver 0
Ammo (rounds) 0
Cargo 0
Range -10%
Max Speed 0
Stall Speed 0
Acceleration 0
Slots Required 2 Hull slot(s)
Price: 600,000Ģ
Availability: Romeo, Juliet, Getty

Ineffective for light, low tier planes with little upgrade space and already low armour, but great for already heavily armoured planes that could benefit from taking a little less damage in a fight. A hefty range impact and expensive, but the benefits are extreme; when used alone on a 0 Armor Class plane, this upgrade will cause all non-critical flak, autocannon and small machine gun fire to harmlessly bounce from a plane's hull. When used in combination with Wood Reinforced Hull, the combined 17 AC will bounce all pirate machine guns as well.

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