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Crew Personality and Hits to Morale When Paid[]

I've noticed something recently in the latest version of Skyrates. When a crew member is payed, he or she may take a morale hit, presumably because they feel bad about taking money from their captain. By my observations crew personality can affect the morale hit. Bold and Grizzled crew members do not take a hit. Mentor crew members will drop one morale (King Slime Happy to Open-Mouthed Smile). Eager crew members will drop two morale (King Slime Happy to Grinning Ear to Ear). I could use some help confirming this, as well as determining the effects on Calculating crew members.

Jack O'Neill 02:40, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

Who started this?[]

Almost all of this original content was pulled together by Lucinda Fenton during Skyrates 2.2 on the Green Faction's Sekrit Forums. The article needs a lot of "clean up" work and a few new crew types have shown up recently. I'm working on a template to record crew info (primarily the data in the blue boxes). --Calvin November t/c on 14:49, 21 December 2007 (UTC)

Crew Colors[]

I don't think it's necessary to upload each color-variety of crew member (as in Image:Right_Dog_crew.png and Image:Right_Dog_crew_(tan).png) so long as we capture the general "species". Thoughts? --Calvin November t/c on 21:23, 29 January 2008 (UTC)

  • Oops, that was my bad. I didn't see this quote: "Oh, and we're assuming it's not based on crew coloration." I'll tag those dupe images for deletion. — MrDolomite • Talk 18:49, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

Left Dog the same as Right Dog?[]

The list of crew portraits found on Skyrates artist Chris G. Daniel's website,, includes two dogs - mirror images of each other. None of the other crew members seem to have mirrored images. Therefore, I suspect that [[:Image:Left Dog crew.png]] and Image:Right Dog crew.png are actually separate crew members. Thoughts? --Calvin November t/c on 03:20, 1 February 2008 (UTC)

New Crew?[]

It's also worth mentioning that Image:Camel crew.png was a relatively recent addition to the crew line-up. --Calvin November t/c on 03:20, 1 February 2008 (UTC)

Personality relations[]

"Each personality has a personality it dislikes, hates, likes, and loves. This comes into play when determining the affect of the 'daily toil.'" From the reference post below. So relations would be either --, -, +, or ++. - Kanephren 05:11, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

↓ Source. → Opinion of. B C E G M
Bold ? ? ? ? ?
Calculating ? ? ? ? ?
Eager ? ? ? ? ?
Grizzled ? ? ? ? ?
Mentor ? ? ? ? ?