This is about the Tavern where you get missions. If you want to go to the Roleplay Tavern, go to The Rotor and Prop.

Tavern Menu

The Main Menu.

The TavernEdit

To get to the Tavern you click on the mug of grog. When you go to the Tavern the first things you see are a moose on the far left, a lion in the middle, and a badger on the far right. They all give you missions, each of different types.

The MooseEdit

Tavern Moose Missions

A sample of the moose's missions.

Tavern Moose Crew

Some of the crew you can get.

The Moose is different from the others, for he not only gives you missions, but also crew, if you need any. The moose is the only way to get crew, which are the Trader, Diplomat, Mechanic, and Navigator. The only missions he gives you are cargo missions, which unsurprisingly involve transporting cargo from your current Skyland to someplace else.

The LionEdit

Tavern Lion Missions

Some of the missions the lion gives.

The lion only gives you missions if you get the Trade Prestige skill. These missions are a mixture, and may involve combat or cargo hauling.

The BadgerEdit

The badger gives you combat missions. Go hunt some pirates and keep the Skyland safe!

Tavern Badger Missions

Some missions the badger gives.