Gold {{{gold}}}
Influence {{{influence}}}
Cargo {{{cargo}}}
Kills {{{kills}}}
Danger {{{danger}}}
Skill? {{{skill}}}
Lost if shot down? {{{crash}}}
Given by? {{{tavern}}}
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}

How to use

Use this template to write mission description/stats on an article about that particular mission.

Insert this code into the page, filling in the appropriate data. Replace the text below the Text title with the mission description, and add notes if applicable. If it's a delivery mission, use '''(destination)''' in place of the destination in the version you copy over. If it's either a Skyland Trust mission, a Trade Prestige mission, or a faction-specific mission, please add the appropriate category marker.

[[Category:Trade Prestige Missions]] [[Category:Skyland Trust Missions]] [[Category:Faction-Specific Missions]]

"(Put mission text here)"


If the mission is a scaling mission and the rate isn't known, use this format on the discussion page.

===Calculating Gold/Inf Gain===
From (start skyland) to (end skyland): __g, __ inf
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