Upgrade Category: [[:Category:{{{type}}}|{{{type}}}]]
Armor (mm) {{{armor}}}
Armor Class {{{armorclass}}}
Maneuver {{{maneuver}}}
Ammo (rounds) {{{ammo}}}
Cargo {{{cargo}}}
Range {{{range}}}
Max Speed {{{maxspeed}}}
Stall Speed {{{stallspeed}}}
Acceleration {{{accel}}}
Slots Required {{{slotnum}}} {{{upgtype}}} slot(s)
Price: {{{price}}}Ģ
Availability: {{{availability}}}

How to use

Use this template to write upgrade description/stats on an article about that particular upgrade.

Insert this code into the page, filling in the appropriate data. For stats, remember to add +/- and whether or not the upgrade is a flat boost or a percentage boost; for example, a flat speed boost would be "+10 kph". A percentage speed boost would be "+10%". If there is no change, leave that stat blank. For cost, just list the value.

|type=("Combat Upgrades", "Engine Upgrades", "Hull Upgrades" or "Wing Upgrades")
|slotnum=(just # of slots)
|upgtype=(Combat, Engine, Hull or Wing)
|price=(don't include the Ģ)
|availability=[[skyland name]]
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