Terin Nasmet
President of the Guild Council
Born 156 AU, on Phillipia Squirrel Male
Died n/a
Species Sciurid
Faction Merchant Guild
Professional history
  • President of the Council (196-present)

Director Terin Samuel Nasmet, OLC is a real estate and gambling magnate, and currently the Council President of the Merchant Guild. Nasmet owns and operates seven casinos on various skylands, and his company is the foremost residential and commercial developer in Skytopia.

Casinos Edit

Nasmet's company, Royal Properties Inc., has built six casinos and is currently building a seventh. The casinos and their adjoined facilities provide almost all of the company's income.

The Royal

Nasmet's first and largest casino, on Midgard, built during the heyday of the Commonwealth. The Royal's success gained Nasmet his induction into the Order of the Lion.

Plaza Vitoria

Located in the heart of Cidade, the Plaza was Nasmet's second casino and was built as a challenge to Nicolau Ribeira, Nasmet's rival and the Director of Cidade.

Luzon Grand

Funded by independent backers so as to avoid conflict with the nomads of Sharif, the Luzon is that skyland's only gambling institution. Nasmet thought to take advantage of a large influx of people during the trade season, but the Luzon has generally been the underdog of his resorts.

Crystal Palace

Built in the ice of Eltsina and made to look just like it, the Crystal Palace is an architectural marvel and holds both Nasmet's casino and a flourishing tradehouse.

The Triad

Located in the triangle between Leng, Cidade, and Valvia on a small unnamed skyland, the Triad depends on the stream of spectators who come to watch grimby at nearby Center Court.

The Last Resort

Nasmet's boldest venture was the establishment of a casino on Tortuga, which has thrived due to Tortuga's loose tax laws and a constant flow of willing gamblers.

Golden Palm Grottopolis

The latest of RPI's developments, this hotel and casino is still in the planning stages, but is due to be built on Grottopolis in the next year.

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