For the most part, everyone is free to enjoy Skyrates in any way they wish. However, there are a few things that we, as a community of players, have agreed (voluntarily) to be bound by. Committing the "sins" described below, could get you tossed out a cargo bay door without a parachute. Comments or questions on these Seven Deadly Sins of Skyrates should be directed to the Discussion page.

  1. You shalt not use a second skyrate, known as an Alt, short for "Alternate character", which you control to gain influence for your faction, nor to decrease the influence of a faction you are competing against.
  2. You shalt not attempt to impersonate another skyrate on the radio or in the forum.
  3. You shalt not use inappropriate language or have inappropriate conversations on the radio or in the forum. (As a rule-of-thumb, limit your comments to a 'G-rating'.)
  4. You shalt not use a second skyrate you control to spy on another faction's forum or radio conversation.
  5. You shalt not intentionally take advantage of a bug in the game to create or gain an advantage in the game.
  6. You shalt not harass another skyrate.
  7. You shalt not disrespect the Devs or their efforts in providing this free game for our enjoyment.