The Skybrary

In-game description[]

Strange radio signals can be picked up in the darkest areas of the sky. These signals go back and forth, and thus far no Skyrate has been able to decipher the patterns. All that is known is that once the signals begin, the Hidden Fleet is soon to follow.

Combat info[]

The Two Towers, intro screen.

A bruised Avenger wipes away the last Proximity Mine before continuing on it's way.

Enemy roster[]

Enemies faced in this combat:


The Two Towers is possibly one of the toughest Legendary Combats currently available, partially due to the likelihood of spawning in the firing arcs of both Platforms. Most planes will simply be ripped apart before they can get a shot off or even maneuver out of harm's way if they do happen to spawn inside them; there appears to be less than 50% chance of spawning inside the platform's arcs, due to recent changes. With a lot of luck, it is possible to destroy the towers, but it will not be easy, even for a well-prepared Skyrate.

Recommended tactics are to turn immediately after entering combat to exit the path of the platforms' arcs and waiting for the two CR-4Ps and X-36s to move away from the platforms. Once they are dispatched, it is recommended to maintain a steady orbit around the towers until such point as they cease turning to face you, and attempt to move in for the kill. If both towers are close together, you may be forced to Airbrake and then Afterburn in quick succession, so be prepared to hammer those keys in order to pull through. Once both Platforms are neutralized - if you're lucky enough to get that far - it's simply a case of cleaning up the Proximity Mines, which isn't that much of a challenge, though you should still be careful, as it will be unlikely you'll have much armour left after the opener of the combat.

Even so much as one wrong move or half a shield lost in the wrong moment can jeopardize the remainder of the combat, so be incredibly careful. It should be noted that due to the platforms' positive max speed, and the mines' max speed of zero, it is possible to slowly fly away from the platforms, and wait for them to separate from the mines, which will make attacking the platforms a bit easier. It is possible for the two platforms to separate as they move, however it is extremely unlikely they will move beyond each other's firing range as they will both typically attempt to (very very slowly) follow your plane together.

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