Tortuga University (Go Fighting Sailfish!) is a research and educational institution located on the skyland of Tortuga. While many of its facilities were damaged or destroyed in the Tortugan Upheaval, the University has rebounded with significant jumps to enrollment and increased monetary donations. The University is a leader in Political Science and Astronomy research. The Observatory on Tortuga is famed for its findings.

The full name of the institution is Tortuga University (Go Fighting Sailfish!), a fact which often leads to surprise. It is also important to note that the mascot of the University is actually The Rocketeers. According to campus legend, in 84 AU a university president once lost a bet to the president of Goldenrod College. The mascot of GC is currently the Sailfish (changed from the fighting Sailfish in 127 AU). Multiple pushes to restore the name to Tortuga University have been attempted, but opposition from Tortugan Alumni has been steadfast. The most recent of these campaigns occurred in 167 AU, and resulted in rioting on campus.

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