Trade Prestige
Trade Prestige Skillbox
Educate yourself in the ways of the Merchant's Guild. Their unseen hand is said to guide the economy of Skytopia. Grants access to new missions from Skytopia's underworld.
Skill Category Trade
Requires Creative Storage, Cutthroat Business
Unlocks Luxury Schmuxury
Cost for 1st Level 10 TP
Cost for 2nd Level 60 TP
Cost for 3rd Level 200 TP
Cost for 4th Level 500 TP
Cost for 5th Level 1100 TP

Trade Prestige unlocks missions that offer more Influence and/or more G-squiggles (money), but these missions will not count toward profit. A list of these missions is being compiled at Mission Summary (click the "Skill" column to sort by "Skill"). Generally missions unlocked by this skill and Skyland Trust will give better influence per kilometer than missions that require none. Most very high cargo (transport) or kill count (combat) missions will require one of these skills. Many missions require that the player have skill levels in both Trust and Prestige.

Trade Prestige Level Combat missions Cargo missions Fixed missions
Prestige 1 We're desperate... I Suppose We Can Deal... & Opening Negotiations
Prestige 1 + Trust 1 Stroganoff Blockade Unknown Whereabouts**
Prestige 2 Desperate times... If we must... & Secure the Goods
Prestige 2 + Trust 2 Icecream Show
Prestige 3 Crusade of Bounties Movement of Goods & Roses & Sweeten the Deal
Prestige 3 + Trust 3 Surprising Record The Priceless Relic
Prestige 4 Crusade of Hope The Winds of Trade & Make the Exchange & Arboreal Arc
Prestige 4 + Trust 4 Astonishing Record
Prestige 5 Captain Remy's Craze The Pipeline & Eltsina's Boon & Transporting the Duchess & Transporting the Whales
Prestige 5 + Trust 5 Glorious Record The Mysterious Artifact

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