The Skybrary

Trick or Treat was a Halloween Legendary combat featuring the namesake mines.

Tricks and Treats[]

Tricks and Treats are similar to lighthouse mines, but have all 5 short arcs and, instead of rotating to face the player, they have a turreted long arc. The long arc on Tricks have a high crit rate, while the long arc on Treats are triple shot with low damage.

Due to the way turrets track their target, you can fly behind these mines (the radar will show their orientation) and the turret will be forced to swing all the way around to follow you.

In-game description[]

The Lantern Gang have been leaving small floating packages all across Skytopia. These parcels are guarded by some smaller guns, but usually have tremendous riches within them. Careful though, greedy Skyrates are liable to be tricked . . .

Combat info[]


  • 8 Treats
  • 1 Trick


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