The Skybrary
Unknown Whereabouts
Gold 10000g, 50000g, 100000g
Influence 0, 500, 2500
Cargo 0
Kills 0
Danger Low, Medium, High
Skill? None, Trust and Prestige 1 for High danger version
Lost if shot down? No
Given by? Lion
Affiliation None


I hope you can help: I have here a package that I need to get to an associate of mine. Don't ask questions, and don't open it. When you land where he is, he'll find you.


Unknown Whereabouts is a Mission of low to high risk, available occasionally from the Governor in the Bar. The Reward can range from 10,000 to 100,000 G, and Influence gain scales as well. It requires no cargo space.

Gold Inf Danger Text
10000 0 Low I've got a hunch he's around one of the starter skylands for new skyrates.
50000 500 Medium He's somewhere an average skyrate could reach.
100000 2500 High Even if I knew where he was, I wouldn't tell you.

The method for figuring out which Skyland or range of Skylands is the destination has yet to be determined. Some facts from current logs (see Discussion page):

  • Your destination can be outside the places your current level of Flight License permits you to visit
  • It is possible to have a high reward mission go to a very close skyland
  • Identical sets of source and destination can lead to different payouts