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For information regarding the Skyrate Love, please read User:Love.

The real life me is a college student, utterly bankrupt and getting more so by the day. I work full time and study full time, and recently Skyrates has been my only source of relaxation.

I am double majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science.


My current gaming platform of choice is my 12" 7 year old laptop with 1 gig of ram and an ancient, ancient (Radeon 4800? I don't even remember) graphics card. My old laptop burned up.

My only console is the even more ancient Playstation. I usually fire it up when I feel particularly nostalgic about Chrono Cross or FFVII.

I've tried basically every MMORPG under the sun, and the recent ones have been...

  • Ragnarok Online - Its cutesy, but has plenty of room for powergaming. I played on RaiRO, a private server run by some dudes over at Nuklear Power (Home of 8Bit Theater). I love the community, and I'd like to say I still play it, but recently I've been so swamped.
  • Trickster Online - Recently came back to this after Kitteh sparked my interest. Currently play a Dragon named Wysper...have 2 Sheeps which I used to test builds. Its cutesy, and drilling is so fullfilling yet so mindnumbing.
  • Eve Online - Its beautiful. I wish I still had my computer that could play it. I would pay the subscription fee if only to fly among the stars.
  • Perfect World - ...What a horrible grind. About all I remember was that the elf archers were really hot.

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The day had come, and as Love was packing for his journey, an unexpected visitor arrived. Lost in his own thoughts, he didn't notice the intruder until a shadow creeped over his luggage. Turning around in surprise, he almost stumbled backwards when he saw who it was.

"P-P-Professor! Um...why are you here?"
"Why, to see you off of course. And to wish you a safe journey. And to give you your books." He coughed, and glanced at the small pouch in his hands. "And give you a small gift."

Puzzled by his teacher's words, Love had to speak

"But Professor, I'm not coming back. I'm not...going to finish school."

They looked at each other then, Love trembling and glancing timidly between the piercing stare of his Professor and the floor, the Professor a full head taller, massive and imposing and contemplative. The Professor blinked first. Before Love could breathe a sigh of relief, however, he was struck square in the forehead by the pouch his Professor had just hurled. As he staggered back, the Professor advanced menancingly, a murderous look on his face, and roared

"YOU IDIOT! You're the brightest kid in your class, and you wanna quit cause you MISS YOUR DADDY?!"

Hearing those words Love stood up defiantly and screamed back

"SHUT UP! Its not like that! I'm leaving, and theres nothing you can do to stop -"
"YOU LISTEN HERE BOY! Noone's aiming to stop you."

Love blinked back his tears in surprise. The Professor's face slowly brightened to a grin as he continued,

"Thats right. I'm here to welcome you to the new Fly Abroad study program! Heres yer pin so our staff at other skylands will recognize you."

He paused for effect. The Professor continued to explain the details of the program, and as he droned on and on he was quite surprised when Love suddenly burst into tears and rushed into his arms.

"Why're you crying lad? Isn't this good news?"
Love sobbed, "It is good news, I'm just so HAPPY!"

The Professor chucked to himself, knowing that while Love was so much like his father, determined and intrepid, he was still just a kid.

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