The Skybrary



Born Unknown
Died N/A
Species Cat
Affiliation Flight School
Wing 7th Street Capulets
Profile Profile

Kyra has made a name for herself as one of the top traders in Skytopia. She has dedicated herself to helping young pilots, intending (at least for the time being) to stay with Flight School and pass on her economic knowledge.

Kyra is a member of the 7th Street Capulets, as well as a junior reporter for Ellington Radio. As such, she rode with Pierce in the rescue of the Azure Wind, recording the event and even helping take out one of the attacking Bolos.

She recently began dating Tarlach Skylancer, a vulpine member of the Azure League. However, her new job with Avian Logistics has caused friction between them, as she spends most nights flying goods and is unable to spend them with Tarlach.

Base Chassis: Dauntless
Designed By: Post Aviation with the help of Kyra
Combat Firepower: 16
Armor: 12 mm
Maneuver: 11
Ammo: 2261 rounds
Trading Cargo: 201 crates
Range: 12548 km
Performance Max Speed: 1084 kph
Stall Speed: 128 kph
Acceleration: 343 kph/s
Includes Performance Kit, Turbo Charger, Combat Kit, Mad Props, Trading Kit, Streamlined Hull
Remaining Weight: 0 lbs
Price: approx. 166,843,458 Ģ

Character Bio[]

Full Name: Kyra ?

Callsign: ???

Skyrates 2.2-
Skyrates 2.3-
Dauntless, progressively upgraded to "Peerless" class- Tessercat

Current Craft[]

Kyra flies a variation of the Dreadnaught-class Dauntless called the Tessercat, due to the uncanny amount of room it has inside given its outer dimensions. The name was suggested by her wingmate Ellington.

The Tessercat was the first Tier 5 plane of round 2.3 to be kitted, to be double-kitted, and to be triple-kitted.

Character History[]

Kyra was one of five children, with two siblings from her litter, and two younger siblings from a later litter. She and her younger brother were both felines like their father, while her younger sister and both the brother and sister from her litter were rabbits, like their mother. She spent much of her early life hanging around the hangars, where her father worked (and still works) as a mechanic. Her mother ran a small novelty and souvenir shop, catering to the tourists who often came to visit the strange artifacts littering the surface of Kadath. She has since (mostly) closed down the shop, and instead runs a café with a few souvenirs available for purchase.

Kyra loved exploring the ancient ruins on the skyland, almost as much as she loved watching the trading planes that frequented the hangars. She never wanted to work on them, though, always instead dreaming of flying. Her father encouraged this dream, and when she was older she began leading tours of the ruins she had explored so much as a child, earning money from the tourists that her father later supplemented to send her to Echo Flight School. She joined at the youngest allowed age, 15, and graduated at 18, one of the youngest students of her class.

--More to come--

Kyra recently started a regular job with a company known as Avian Logistics, where she ferries goods between their factories at night. This has caused a lot of stress for her in her relationship with Tarlach, as the two of them have much fewer chances to spend time together.

ERN Reporter[]

Kyra is an Ellington Radio Network junior reporter, running a segment on the trading climate of Skytopia. She also took Ellington's place on the mission to rescue the Azure Wind, when the ferret was running late and unable to make it. She took quite a few pictures, including some that the Azure League has asked that she keep private for the time being, until they're willing to publicly release what was found in the Wind. She then later helped in the capture of Kadath, who had been hiding at Flight School working as a professor. Due to her involvement and knowledge of Skytopian trade, she was asked (more like ordered) to take over his graduate-level Economics class.

Status in Flight School[]

Kyra is currently a Junior Professor, having spent time assistant teaching for several classes, such as Sildar Emris's Interfactional Politics and Influence class. She personally teaches several classes now, including Trading 201, Graduate Level Economics, and Psychology, Skyrates, and You (aka Roleplaying 101). She is also very active in Flight School politics as the official Public Affairs Coordinator, and essentially shares leadership of the school with Moros, Hesjonur, Lavi, and Sildar.



Kyra and Tarlach on their Valentine's Day date, on Marcus Cunningham's Bismarck the Iron Vulture. Drawing by Tommy Chong.

Several months ago Kyra began heaping a large amount of affectionate abuse on a Blue fox by the name of Tarlach. She quickly realized he had a crush on her, but at the time she wasn't interested. As time passed, she grew to like the fox in return; however, by that time he had convinced himself that she would never care for him that way in return, and thus misinterpreted her flirting. It wasn't until Kyra's wingmate Keyo literally beat some sense into the fox that he finally asked her out, and they've since become a very close couple. To the left is a picture of their early Valentine's date, due to the fact that Kyra was starting a new job and was unsure she'd be available on Valentine's Day.

She also suspects one other Skyrate of having an interest in her, but as she didn't discover this until after she began dating Tarlach, she is ignoring the possibility.


Felonius Schell
Personality Egotist
Hired at [[N/A]]
Skyland of Origin Alpha 3
Origin Skyland Faction (when hired) Yellow Faction
Species Chevron Cat
Split Profit? Yes
Split Booty? Yes
Assigned? Yes
Stats Updated 12 August 208
Lenora Gulliver
Personality Free Spirit
Hired at [[]]
Skyland of Origin Grottopolis
Origin Skyland Faction (when hired) Faction
Species Pirate Kitty
Split Profit? Yes
Split Booty? Yes
Assigned? Yes
Stats Updated 12 August 208
Aleksei Zuyev
Personality Grump
Hired at [[]]
Skyland of Origin Fuseli
Origin Skyland Faction (when hired) Red Faction
Species Antelope
Split Profit? Yes
Split Booty? Yes
Assigned? Yes
Stats Updated 12 August 208
Deadeye Blaine
Personality Free Spirit
Hired at [[]]
Skyland of Origin Leng
Origin Skyland Faction (when hired) Faction
Species Rat
Split Profit? Yes
Split Booty? Yes
Assigned? Yes
Stats Updated 12 August 208