Anna Ferret
Ready for war.
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Born October 31,201
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Species Ferret
Height 5 ft 1 inch
Weight 115 pounds.
Affiliation Crimson Armada
Wing N/A
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Anna Ferret in the PastEdit

Anna and her plane

Anna Ferret and the Phantom.

Anna Ferret is a kind, funny, and ferocious little ferret. Her favorite color was neon green. She is nicknamed by every one she meets as, Anna. She is part of the Crimson Armada. Her favorite plane is the Phantom. She loves being silly. Put sweets in front of her, she eats them in seconds. She is seen as very odd by a lot of people she meets.

Anna Ferret Now Edit

Nowadays she has matured some. She is still a battle ready, war cry shouting beast, but there have been some changes. She stills enjoys neon green, and is often seen wearing it, but she now prefers the color of her enemy's blood, and black as dark as her soul. She still loves being silly, and still pounces on sweets like any ferret. She stills loves the Phantom, but in order to fight to her full potential is using higher tier planes such as the Econolops 288, and is currently eying the Loki.

Anna and BattleEdit

She gets a thrill running into the enemy unprepared and seeing how she does, and strangely, most of the time she wins the battle. When ever she sees a Kittyhawk in battle, she says something like,"Here kitty kitty kitty! Die kitty!" That is why some people call her, the "Kittyhawk's Bane." She is such a skilled combat aviatrix, that there is a rumor going around suggesting that she is a demon. This has been supported by her birth date, October 31, 201, the Haunting Day.

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