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Athena "Kitteh"(IC "Kit") Sterling
Cat Female
Born April 19th
Species Cat
Affiliation Blue Faction
Wing Kitteh's Caturdai Commiteh(OOC)
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Character Description Edit

A slim 5'9" white cat, Athena prides herself on her "model" physique as she calls it, and despite the hazards of her chosen profession she has chosen to focus on keeping agile, flexible, and well-proportioned rather than focusing on building much visible muscle. Occasionally posh, especially in the presence of her parents or important figures and business partners, Athena tends to always carry herself elegantly. Partially due to her lack of particular physical strength and somewhat more to her personality and situation, Athena is almost never without a firearm, and typically at least one concealed firearm, even when wearing an openly-visible weapon as well.

Her choice of clothing is also often more chic and expensive than her situation warrants, and she enjoys standing out in crowds. She almost always seen in a somewhat low neckline, and wearing platinum earrings with inset sapphires, which match her blue eyes. She has a less noticeable piercing in her tongue, and she keeps various expensive, hand made studs for the piercing, considering it no less jewelry than her earrings. Athena is blonde, and has a small, round beauty mark shaped patch of black fur on her left cheek, contrasting her otherwise all-white fur.

Family Edit

Julian and Matilda Sterling, parents.

Maximilian Sterling, grandfather (deceased). Served in the Guild Wars, born to a lower class family. Lauded by Athena's father as the reason his empire was possible; Maximilian created the name recognition and base capital Julian needed to get himself off the ground. Maximilian died of heart complications before Athena was born.

Character Background Edit

Born during the latter part of her father's rise to wealth, Athena grew used to a medium sized, but very luxurious home, and was raised by parents to be a lady. Her mother Matilda was from an august family, part of the Jade Hand, and her father simply wanted her life to be as perfect and as easy as possible. Having experienced hardships himself in his rise, and hearing stories from his now deceased father, Julian felt an overwhelming need to protect his daughter from the harder parts of life in Skytopia, and he thus sheltered and kept a close eye on her through childhood, and stopped making risky flights for the sake of business.

Once Athena was in her early teens, Julian saw fit have her taught to fly, instructing her personally on occasions when he could. Matilda welcomed Athena's start into the real world, and, at the protest of her husband, had Athena trained in the use of firearms. Julian found some of his wife's priorities odd, and largely attributed it to her life in the Jade Hand. Julian chose to be and remained an Independent, for the sake of the opportunity to deal with all potential partners without the risk of, at least inherently, souring relations before they started.

Wanting to impress her father at first, Athena began running courier for her father, always with a convoy her father enlisted. Getting a taste of the skies, Athena's aspirations quickly grew to making a name for herself like her father had; in her mid-teens she began running more dangerous routes to talk to business partners of her father's, occasionally trading goods as she went. Taking an unintentionally dangerous route to New Hovlund one day, Athena found the thing her father had been sheltering her from, and what had been truly hampering business relations and trade; pirates. Athena and a small convoy leading her ran into a pirate Bismark and it's escort, the convoy was forced to divert, to the protest of Athena.

Athena began embarking on missions to "protect her father's investments," which frequently involved gunning down pirates that caused trouble in trade routes important to her family. Athena began making a name for herself, and making her own, small, cash flow, and eventually purchased a Havok entirely with her own money. With her name being touted as a "Pirate Killer" and her family name synonyms with wealth, Athena began to attract unwanted attention, which only strengthened her resolve, and has led her to coordinate strategic attacks on pirate holds. Her father, informed of his daughter's actions, pleaded with her to stop her actions. By her late teens Athena's role was accepted by her parents, though they insisted on various precautions, which Athena followed to the extent that they didn't impede her.

Character Personality Edit

(work in progress)

Planes Edit

Cry, Havok. Athena's first "Real" plane as she called it, Athena instantly grew attached to the Cry; having paid the hefty price tag with only her own, earned money, she saw it as a symbol of her ability.Later wrecked in snowstorm, recently repaired and kept, both for sentimental value and occasional use.

Snow Angel, Kingfisher. Currently in use, see bio below.

Crew Edit

  • Selina Ainsley of Tinkspoit, Navigator.

Athena met Selina after essentially crashing her Havok, Cry, onto the Tinkspoit runway. Halfway into her flight a massive snowstorm began to brew around Tinkspoit, and she was not able to avoid it in time. After some searching in the town and deals made, Athena hired Selina and purchased a Kingfisher. Having urgent business to return to, Athena had her wrecked Havok loaded into the Kingfisher, and she and Selina were forced to take off in a lull in the storm, despite the danger. Upon the Kingfisher's escape of the snow storm and safe arrival at Cidade, Athena christened it the Snow Angel.

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