The Skybrary

Ferret Male.png
Chamberlain of the Crimson Empire
Born Twenty-One years ago.
Died N/A
Species Ferret
Affiliation Red Faction
Wing Guardians of the Empire
Profile Profile

An Intriguer's Tale[]


Leader of the Seijin, a street gang who grew up in the streets and black markets of Eltsina, Athrawes has based his life around his pack. As the Seijin rose to become a successful gang, they attracted the interests of the Merchant Guild. All the involved parties enjoyed this, and profited from it, and the Seijin, who had always liked the Guild anyways, decided to move up in the ranks. At first they were successful in this, but over time they realized that to truly move in the Guild they needed a pilot. All of them had enjoyed flying small craft to pick up fishermen and their loads, but Athrawes was the best, and he was the leader.


Thus, after gathering the needed funds and recommendations, he entered Flight School at the age of sixteen. After graduating he spent most of his time simply building up resources until he was able to pull the gang off the streets and get them all into a nice ship.


At this point he became a citizen of the Emerald Republic, forsaking his lawless ways for responsibility, and a bit of prestige. Over time he rose in the ranks of the Republic, enlisting in its army, rising to the position of Aide to the Secretary of Defense, and even serving as Acting Secretary of Defense, which became a permanent position when the Secretary of Defense Bouchie formally resigned. In this capacity he served as military commander, advisor, and even an Ambassador to the Red Faction, with whom he found great camaraderie.


This camaraderie was soon to become far more when, disillusioned with the Republic, Athrawes resigned from his post as Secretary of Defense and joined the Crimson Armada. Athrawes served loyally as best he could, and eventually was given a deal by Senator Thorne. Athrawes was made a Legionnaire, and if enough people knew his name by a certain date, he would keep the position and fight directly under Imperial command. He accomplished the goal and remained a Legionnaire. This hard work for the Empire allowed him to eventually rise to become a Chamberlain of the Empire. Within the Armada he serves a a Colonel, commanding the Hawk Battalion, the airborne light infantry force used by the Empire and Armada for high level shock operations. In this capacity he leads the unit in its operations, usually serving as the vanguard of an assault utilizing air infiltration, or sometimes to perform grunt work such as setting up security and support for special forces operations. As a special force unit, the Hawks, and Athrawes reported directly to then-Brigadier General Markus Jarnhann, commander of the Armada's special forces.



Abigale "Gale" Gulliver

Lafayette Attenborough

Myung-Ja Yi

A slight, wiry deer, Yi has turned being underestimated into an art, but was always the eloquent one of the gang, and is plenty handy with a knife or two. Yi is in charge of negotiating missions, and generally sticks to that, but is also the chief interrogator on the Fury. Most people she questions think of her as a great listener, and an all around nice girl. Those who see the other side of her questioning do not come out of it alive.


Unnamed Cr4p

Shan-Wei Mastiff

Royal Charis Nomad

Prince Cayleb Cetacea

Sundered Wind Barracuda

Seijin's Fury Bismarck

CAS Seijinblade Ingersoll (Influence/Fast Deployment Craft)

CAS Seijinhome Bismarck (Official Armada command, mobile base of operations for the Hawk Battalion.)