Blargdina Rose
Born July 06
Died You Wish
Species Walrid
Affiliation Crimson Armada
Wing none
Profile Profile

Blargdina Rose Edit

Blargdina is a 400lb walrus who believes she is a beautiful and unique snowflake. The problem isn't hers; it's just that nobody understands her!! Someday she will find someone who truly appreciates who she is for who she is. As long as he's hot.

Blargdina turns the anguish caused to her by the mundanes into aggression. She lashes out at anything and everything in her way, due to her stunning persecution complex. It never occurs to her that, were she to make the slightest amount of effort to get along with others, her life would be a whole lot easier. But it's not going to happen, oh well! Lucky for the Crimson Armada that she can turn her pettiness into combat finesse. Unlucky for everyone else.

Perhaps the worst thing about Blargdina is the best thing: She has a lot of good qualities. She's a fantastic cook, for one, and an inherently compassionate, erm, person, always willing to be a shoulder to cry on. If she ever chose to grow up and stop living in a fantasy world, who knows where life could take her?


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