Burrito Loco
Retired Commander, Founder Elite Azure Combat Corps
Died Not yet dead!
Still not dead
Species Donkey (Walrus Avy)
Affiliation Azure League
Wing Elite Azure Combat Corps
Profile Profile


Skyrate Full Name: Burrito Loco

Call Sign: Bravo Lima

Age: 56

Height: 6'

Weight: 265 lbs.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Heavily scarred all over; the right side of his face is mostly grafted on and he's lost his right ring finger.

Professor Emeritus at Flight School in upper and graduate level combat (don't hesitate to come to my office hours with any questions basic or technical!)

Burrito Loco resigned his post as General and Commander in Chief of the Azure Defense forces and is succeeded by Niklaas as the commander of the Elite Azure Combat Corps. He is currently in retirement, with his wife and three children.

Life StoryEdit

A fuller telling of his life story is on the forums

Known about him ICEdit

Excerpt from "A Skyrate's Guide to Names and People:"

"Burrito Loco is a renowned pilot who currently serves as the ranking officer in the Azure League's military and is well known for his exploits in the skies and on the field of battle as a bounty hunter and mercenary.

Virtually nothing is known of the youth of the man now known as Burrito Loco. Based on statements made by him and those around him it is virtually certain that he grew up on or near Tinkspoint. This is backed up by those scenes he seems to associate with home and his almost Uurwerkian mechanical sense. Beyond that nothing is known of his youth. It is not helped that Tinkspoit experienced significant civil disorder since since his birth, destroying many records and consuming an unhealthy portion of its population.

At some point, probably in his late twenties, he adopted the nom de guerre of Burrito Loco; this is assumed to have been an earlier moniker that he settled on as a name to mask his identity, his past or both. As Burrito Loco he very rapidly made a name for himself as a bounty hunter and mercenary, and, rumor has it, an assassin of some repute. This line of work makes it even harder to try to pin an origin on him due to it's incredibly high turnover. He seems to have spent on the order of twenty years, although possibly as few as fifteen and as many as thirty, in this line before he again drops off of all records for an unknown period.

Burrito Loco then emerged again, but this time as a member of the Azure League military where he quickly rose through the ranks as an incredibly wily and competent pilot and later officer, finally rising all the way to the top. Despite his incredibly bellicose history, the Azure League has been very quiet militarily since his rise, instead opting for diplomacy and propaganda over military action. However, when he has felt called to mobilize, he does so without quibbling and is known for delivering crushing blows and not using any less than maximal force. He also ruthlessly pursue pirates and those of his prior profession, although he seems to favor re-education for a first strike, on a second he is somewhat less lenient.

Though, as time has passed he has stepped further and back from the military and is now almost emeritus in position, although he still wields immense power within the League and his opinions are treated with immense respect by those who serve there."

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