Calvin November Edit


This character is a member of the Skyrates Dev Team.

Calvin November
Squirrel Male
Trader, Diplomat, Skybrarian and Dev
Licensed to Fly in 181 AU (SR1)
Founder and Board Chairman of the November Expedition Fund (SR2.1 - current)
Eltsina Squad Commander (SR2.2)
Secretary of the Interior of The Emerald Republic (SR2.1 - SR2.5)
Recipient of an original Dev T-Shirt (28 Jul 2008)
Recipient of The Golden Waffle Commendation (20 Aug 2008)
Moderator for the Skyrates Forum (2.5 - current)
Knighted as a Skyrates Dev (24 Jan 2013)
Call Sign Calvin
Plane Fire in the Belly
Born 149 AU
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Died {{{death}}}
Species Squirrel
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Affiliation Flight School
Wing Skybrary Staff
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Calvin began serving the Jade Hand during the early days of the Green Republic as a de-facto Cabinet member under then President Kenisu Ichojari. Seeking an opportunity to more actively contribute to the Green Republic, he volunteered and became an Administrator of the Green Republic's Sekret Forums. An election later awarded him the official title Secretary of the Interior, an office he continued to occupy for 8 consecutive terms (205 AU - 232 AU) under the Emerald Republic. After serving for nearly 1000 days as a Dev-appointed Moderator for the main Skyrates Forum and Radio, Calvin officially joined the Skyrates Developer Team.

Craft Flown Edit

Final Skyrates 1 Craft:

Leviathan-side Leviathan

Final Skyrates 2.1 Craft:

Barracuda-side Barracuda

Skyrates 2.2 Craft:

Cr4p-side CR-4P (61 hours) Halifax-side Halifax (32 hours) Cyclops-side Cyclops (125 hours)
Bullfrog-side Bullfrog (250 hours) Cetacea-side Cetacea Barracuda-side Barracuda

Skyrates 2.3 Craft:

Cr4p-side CR-4P (32 hours) KittyHawk-side KittyHawk (44 hours) Spectre-side Spectre (249 hours)
Requin-side Requin (345 hours) Spectre-side Wraith (998 hours) Requin-side Mako (1179 hours)
Hades-side Hades (2145 hours) Kingfisher-side Kingfisher (1 hours)

Skyrates 2.4 Craft:

Cr4p-side CR-4P (12 hours) Thor-side Thor (15 hours) KittyHawk-side KittyHawk (71 hours)
Chapparal-side Chapparal (98 hours) Phantom-side Phantom (158 hours) Dauntless-side Dauntless (201 hours)
Bullfrog-side Bullfrog (254 hours) Havoc-side Havoc (264 hours) Nova-side Nova (315 hours)
Kingfisher-side Kingfisher (2264 hours)

Skyrates 2.5 Craft:

Cr4p-side CR-4P Thor-side Thor Halifax-side Halifax
Loki-side Loki Mantis-side Mantis Havoc-side Havoc
Nova-side Nova Kingfisher-side Kingfisher

Skyrates 2.6 Craft:

Cr4p-side CR-4P Nomad-side Nomad KittyHawk-side KittyHawk
Halifax-side Halifax Cyclops-side Cyclops Barracuda-side Barracuda
Bullfrog-side Bullfrog Leviathan-side Leviathan Lancaster-side Lancaster
Kingfisher-side Kingfisher

Skyrates 2.7 Craft:

Cr4p-side CR-4P Thor-side Thor KittyHawk-side KittyHawk
Loki-side Loki Barracuda-side Barracuda Cetacea-side Cetacea
Havoc-side Havoc Kingfisher-side Kingfisher

Skyrates 2.8 Craft:

Cr4p-side CR-4P KittyHawk-side KittyHawk Nomad-side Nomad
Requin-side Requin Halifax-side Halifax Cyclops-side Cyclops
Bullfrog-side Bullfrog
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