Canid "Icefox" Glacium is a young arctic fox with dreams of adventure, like all before him. He's known for carrying around a small notepad, and is incredibly knowledgeable for his age.

Canid Glacium
Fox Male
"Freelancer to the Max!"
Born 14 Mar
Died N/A
Species Arctic fox, Alopex lagopus
Affiliation Flight School
Wing Unwinged
Profile Profile

Current Whereabouts Edit

Canid is a regular at the R&P and is known for cooking and other odd jobs for patrons. His "seat", or so he claims, is the 3rd from the right on the bar.

Canid is a freelancer writer as a hobby and has recorded many different stories, including the one of Darkstar.

Canid is built on contradictions. He's nice but also annoying, smart and stupid, and so on. He means well, though.

Canid is extremely-accident prone, much to the amusement of his little sister Luna. He has been sent to the hospital twice in two months, once for a broken wrist and nose, and another for a 108 fever.

History Edit

Canid was born in a relatively unknown Skyland (like the one where the R&P is). At the time said Skyland was in a militaristic state. Canid's parents, Samuel and Jess Glacium, decided to go along with this government. Canid as a result was more-than-a-little neglected.

Canid has a younger sister of 16 who lives on Jordan, named Luna.


Canid Glacium, as drawn by Tarlach.

Achievements Edit

So far, Canid hasn't really done much worth of mention. Stay tuned, may owe your life to him.

Lavina Campaign II Edit

Around the end of January, Canid's navigator, Maverick, sent a note to Canid that told him that people were suffering at Lavina. At this point, Canid, Maverick, and Aaron decided to plan a rebuilding campaign. While the campaign was largely a success, shortly after the trio left Lavina, they were downed by pirates. Aaron and Maverick landed on the coast of an island; Canid drifted away for three days before landing on a different island. He was thought to be dead, but was later found. He describes his savior as a "youngish red fox, with a name like Jacob, or Jaden." He developed pneumonia and suffers from hypothermia symptoms but was in otherwise stable condition.

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