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Character Information[]

Captain Isengrim, in a nutshell.


This character is a known pirate - beware!

Isaac "Isengrim" Ingram
Fox Male.png
"I'm retired. Deal with it."
Retired Pirate Captain
Bounty Status Outdated
Bounty: Unknown
Call Sign "Dire Wolf"
Plane Unknown
Born Exact Date Unknown, 175-180 AU?
Probable: Tortuga
Age Mid/Late 30s
Died {{{death}}}
Species Wolf
Height 7'2"
Weight Unknown
Affiliation Pirate
Wing None
Crew {{{crew}}}
Kills/Losses {{{ratio}}}
Profile Right 'ere, matey!


Standing just over 7 foot tall, the grey wolf known only as Captain Isengrim is built like a brick outhouse, and moves surprisingly fast for his size. His massive frame looms over nearly everyone else, and he has the strength to casually wield a light MG42 like an assault rifle. His face is scarred over one eye, though the eye remains functional (he actually prefers having depth perception to looking rogueish) and no less effective than it used to be.

"I prefer not to talk about myself any more than I do already. What can I say, really? So many small people, haha! Sometimes, it's just no fun. Oh... alright then. So, there's the whole seven foot two deal. It's a genetic thing, apparently, runs in both sides of the family, though I definitely got the most of it, ended up taller than both parents. Then there's the whole build. That took a lot of time to work on, plenty of practice and regular exercise still. Can't get too out of shape. I try not to overdo it either mind you, it's all sleek muscle see, not that freaky-looking bodybuilder stuff with veins everywhere."

"A lot of people tell me the light blue eyes stand out, especially with this scar here. I'll tell you more about that one later. It's fun though, some people just lock up if you look at 'em right. Like a deer in headlights, y'know?"

Clothing and Equipment[]

When it's just for relaxing, Isengrim usually wears a simple vest and cargo pants, with a holster for a .44 revolver at one side and his cutlass at the other. Can't be a pirate without a cutlass! The cargo pant pockets tend to contain speedloaders for the revolver.

For anything a little more formal such as a fight, the cargo pants remain, but he instead switches to a similarly-coloured long-sleeved shirt. Depending on the situation, he may even wear a beaten-up looking steel cuirass, bracers and greaves for a little extra protection. Due to the lack of armour-piercing munitions for small arms, the cuirass is surprisingly effective at protecting his torso and back. As for weaponry, he favours a Sturmgewehr 44 for most purposes, although when the gloves really need to come off, he is known to use an MG42 which he can fire whilst standing if braced correctly, though it is not something one uses casually due to the considerable recoil force. Finally, assuming he doesn't just use his fists and feet, a very large Claymore resides in his personal plane (and another in the Hellhound), for situations where a really big sword is viable or necessary.


Nobody knows Isengrim's true name, but it's enough to send chills down people's spine. A pirate to fear if there ever was one, the only thing that could stop Captain Isengrim was the Crimson Armada... or could they?

They couldn't.

Captain Isengrim seized upon the opportunities presented by the Great Storm and made his escape, rescuing a few more pirates from the transport he was on, and they staged an escape. Word soon got out;

Captain Isengrim roams the skies once more!

Isengrim was captured just days prior to the Great Storm, and hauled onto a Prison Transport Leviathan bound for Fuseli along with a number of notable pirates and criminals. Part of a carefully engineered plan, the storm hit whilst the transport was en route, and hijacked by it's inmates during the confusion. The transport was assumed missing following the storm, and all personnel and inmates were assumed killed. They weren't of course - and a significant number of the inmates ended up on Isengrim's payroll.

In reality the Transport very nearly did end up making a one-way trip to meet the oceans, but fortunately was brought down on a skylet before too much damage could be done. It was cannibalized for shelter, and a makeshift pirate base set up, in which they held out until the storm was over and used secret frequencies to arrange for their 'rescue' by other pirates.

Feud with Stanislav Sergeyevich Nikitin[]

"I want that man's head on a platter for this, you hear me?! A PLATTER! Do not fail me again, you blithering idiots!"
  • Stanislav Sergeyevich Nikitin

An influential pirate lord from Volstoy, Stanislav Sergeyevich Nikitin is crazier than a pile of curly straws and madder than a hatter. He's loopier than a loop-de-loop and crazier than a cuckoo. Despite this apparently ineptitude and madness, however, he is nevertheless a very dangerous fox. His right hand man - or bear - is one Kesha Zakharov, an ex-Armada officer who apparently acts as the brains of the operation. Kesha is a very dangerous opponent to say the least.

Little is known about his relationship with Isengrim, save that it is not a particularly pleasant one, and that Stanislav apparently owes Isengrim several favours, a large amount of money, or both. Isengrim appears to know a decent amount about Stanislav's operations, and has stated that he would like to see Stanislav burn for some of the orders he's given. Stanislav is shown that he has the connections, skill and resources to organize a unified attack on certain targets with his forces' assault on an Armada Supply Convoy recently. Going head to head will be a dangerous prospect indeed...


Something of a Magnificent Bastard, Isengrim delights in manipulating others into doing his dirty work, pulling people's strings, pushing their buttons, and generally toying with them. He is, however, not stupid; don't expect to catch him off guard too easily, and he is not the type to get carried away boasting whilst carrying out a plan. He's intelligent, which makes him all the more dangerous for his build.

Isengrim could be seen of something of a noble demon or a traitor to other pirates; he frowns upon needless killing, slavery ("If I were in a faction, I'd be in the League, but I ain't a fan of fancy hats. `sides, they'd probably try'n turn me in.") and violence for the sake of violence. This does not stop him from plundering the occasional trade plane and harassing the forces of good that cross his path ("Hey, they shot first!") on many occasions, although you're just as likely to see him turn on other pirates ("The chaff give us a bad rep! We're to be feared, not laughed at. Cleaning up the dregs is just the start...") that he disagrees with. Nevertheless, he knows he's really a pirate (after all, if it weren't for the "plundering innocent cargo vessels" gig...) and does go some way towards cultivating that image, although he parodies the romantic images as much as he takes them seriously.

When he's not plundering though, he's generally a fairly civil (if occasionally boisterous) guy who enjoys a drink away from his crew, and would sometimes like a break from his reputation.

Factional Status[]

Isengrim is hard to classify. Whilst he clearly plunders cargo vessels, there are a number of unusual factors;

  • He has never fired upon a 'law enforcement' craft in anything but self defense.
  • He doesn't shoot to kill specifically, but sometimes accidents are unavoidable. His crew are a little less honourable, mind you.
  • Cargo planes are given clear warning to stand down and prepare for boarding. Only then are weapons engaged. Thus, he is never responsible for firing the first shot. Cargo plane escorts are fair game due to this.
  • He willingly engages other known pirates. Whether this is superiority behaviour or weeding out the competition is unknown.
  • He will not specify why, but he absolutely loathes slavers and other 'lower' criminals. Even he has standards.

Piratical Allegiance Status[]

Isengrim has not openly and/or permanently aligned himself with any group, clan, gang, or other major pirate entity besides his own crew. He is met with distrust from all sides, but that doesn't bother him in the slightest - his reputation tends to do the talking if he needs anything...


The Hellhound (Hades)[]

Isengrim's ex-base of operations, the heavily-modified Hades-class plane known as the Hellhound has had many, many changes made to it over the years. Alterations include modified and merged gun banks for increased forward firepower, and elimination of unnecessary structural elements such as the half-wings on the wingtips, as well as retuned engines for increased speed and maneuverability. No less than four turrets featuring dual 20mm cannons protect the Hellhound, two covering 360 degrees on top, and two covering 360 degrees on the bottom. These turrets can aim up to 75 degrees vertically, giving them a deadly field of fire and allowing the underbelly turrets to act as surprisingly effective light anti-ground weapons. Unsurprisingly, the Hellhound is painted black and dark grey, but bears no distinctive or piratical markings beyond it's modified hull and colour scheme. It is, however, known for using a mix of incendiary and high-explosive ammunition against non-trade targets, hence it's nickname.

The Hellhound was heavily damaged during the Great Storm, and as far as all authorities know it was destroyed during Isengrim's ploy to get himself captured; the Hellhound replica (which was barely airworthy, and mostly assembled out of salvage) was strafed by a pair of Armada Avengers using howitzers with high-explosive rounds, leaving very little to easily verify whether or not the wreck was the real thing. Isengrim had made sure the cockpit area was heavily reinforced in case of such an incident, and survived with only minor injuries. Several pieces of shrapnel from the faux Hellhound (mockingly referred to as the Fauxhound by Isengrim) now make the rounds as 'genuine' debris. The Hellhound's location is currently unknown.

Rumours suggest that the Hellhound is equipped with a primitive radar jamming device, which blocks all radar systems by saturating their recievers with signal noise and/or false information by use of barrage jamming. The jammer is inefficient and drains the power of it's large 12V batteries quickly, but allows for sudden attacks and emergency getaways - by the time the victims have recovered, the Hellhound is long gone.

After again suffering considerable damage during the intermediate storm of recent months, the Hellhound was broken down for scrap and parts rebuilt into something newer and even more dangerous; the Harbinger.

"No More Mister Nice Guy" (Hybridized Dauntless)[]

An experimental model combining heavy modification and restructuring alongside reverse-engineered Hidden Fleet technology, the Nice Guy is far removed from it's standard Dauntless parents. Whilst it's maximum speed is only slightly greater than normal, it gains one very important thing from the technology; the ability to essentially hover. Whilst the Nice Guy cannot fly backwards per se (at least not without straining the engines, the airframe, and the resonance stabilizers... oh, and the laws of physics) it is still highly maneuverable whilst hovering. Additionally, it does not share the "cloaking" technology of it's more advanced X-36 parents, making it highly vulnerable.

In order to engage the special drives, pilots must first reduce the plane's speed to the minimum possible stall speed - which is very very low, thanks to the use of air diversion plates, high-lift wings and heavy engine modifications. At that point, the pilot may engage the drives and commence hovering, or what is termed "enhanced low-speed propulsion". To avoid catastrophic failures with the drive however, the craft must not exceed a fairly low maximum speed (approximately 100kph, give or take) and is thus somewhat more vulnerable in combat. Nevertheless, the drive allows the aircraft to 'slide' sideways for extended periods and move directly up and down, as well as very fine control of the craft's pitch and yaw, allowing it to tip the nose down whilst otherwise flying in a straight line to strafe ground targets or zeppelins, and turn very quickly. As mentioned above, short "backslips" may be made, but doing so puts excessive strain on the already precariously jury-rigged drive, and has lead to the loss of one of the five prototypes. Whilst the drives are operating, the craft gains an eerie blue trail effect when in motion. Whilst normally hard to see, it is particularly visible at night or when engaging maneuvers.

Each model has distinctive visual modifications to the hull, most notably thick, heavy-duty cables connecting the engines and wings to the body, and reinforced armour plating. This also serves to make them unusually tough when combined with an unusual "repulsion" effect generated by the drive when it is in action, helping offset their vulnerability by somewhat reducing the speed of incoming projectiles. The heavy plating was introduced after the loss of the Number Two to ensure the otherwise fairly fragile hull could survive longer in an engagement. It also helped further stabilize the unusual and unpredictable drive system as an unexpected yet welcome side-effect.

Last but not least, the Number Four has been modified with a quad-barrelled machinegun turret under the nose, which can be controlled by the pilot or a dedicated gunner crewman. Combined with it's ability to essentially hover and sidestrafe around targets, the Number Four is very effective in an anti-ground role. Number Three is also believed to have been modified in this fashion.

The five prototypes are as follows;

  • Number One: Destroyed during catastrophic resonance cascade event, in which the port stabilizers overloaded and detonated. Moments later, the drive itself detonated violently. Test pilot safely ejected, minor injuries sustained due to shrapnel.
  • Number Two: The second prototype, and the least agile of them all. Shot down during a trial run due to miscommunication. Drive failsafe engaged successfully. Test pilot safely ejected with no injuries.
  • Number Three: Location and owner currently unknown.
  • Number Four: Commandeered by Isengrim, known as "No More Mister Nice Guy". Painted as a standard-model Dauntless.
  • Number Five: Spontaneously detonated during an overly-long "backslip" maneuver when both stabilizer banks overloaded. Test pilot survived, ejecting in time to avoid the main explosion, but was injured by debris.

The prototypes themselves were the work of a relatively low-profile aviation engineering firm that is actually a front for a pirate group supposedly responsible for the sheer number of the pesky G01D-F15H aircraft which plague the airways alongside the common Scouting Balloons. Until recently, the firm has been doing very little. It's main workshops are located on a skylet currently located between Tortuga and Alpha 8 which is hard to access and locate without being swarmed by pirates. The high pirate density is also the reason for the loss of Prototype Number Two; due to a mishap in communicating testing times and ensuring that the flight would be uninterrupted, it was... well, interrupted, and Number Two lost to a Havoc during the changeover sequence.

Harbinger (Unknown Base Carrier)[]

Replacing the Hellhound is the Harbinger. With no known classification, and large enough to be called a 'Base Carrier', it is visually distinctive, no matter the angle it is viewed from. From above, the flying wing shape looks like a heavily scaled up Hades, but the resemblances end there. Incorporating technology taken from the Hidden Fleet at great cost to all involved, the Harbinger is easily mistaken for a mirage even at shorter distances thanks to the same technology which renders the mysterious X-36 craft semitransparent, and is practically invisible over longer distances. With an abnormally low radar profile (theorized to be in part due to it's cross-section) and cannibalized technology from the Platforms, the Harbinger is capable of staying aloft perhaps indefinitely. Fortunate, since it is doubtful that any skyland has an airfield large enough for it to land! Even more fortunate then, perhaps, is it's ability to float in place like a zeppelin; this is attributed to the incorporation of skystone in it's airframe, and the use of the same bizarre technology that lends the apparently propulsionless X-36 it's abnormal flight capabilities.

The Harbinger has three decks - the top consists of the flight/launch deck and dorsal turret access, the central deck houses the 'bridge' at it's core, surrounded by crew areas, with the upper engine deck at the rear. The lower deck houses the lower portion of the engineering deck, and is otherwise used for cargo storage and ventral turret access. The exact crew count is unknown, but numbers at least three dozen discounting the Captain and his listed crew/associates. Crew training and discipline is high, almost comparable with an Armada vessel, though cross-training is likely more common. "Marine" type boarding crew make up about a dozen members, and operate auxiliary gun turrets when not defending the airship or boarding another.

Like the Hellhound, the Harbinger bears no distinctive markings of piracy or piratical groups, apart from 'trademark' matte black paint, with no highlights. This paint is actually designed to absorb radar emissions, reducing the airship's chances of being detected. With dozens of retracting gun turrets (giving it a deceptively harmless appearance until the gun batteries are deployed) in varying calibers, excellent radar coverage and a large crew, it goes without saying that the Harbinger is not to be approached lightly. It also features a more powerful and longer-lasting radar jammer than the Hellhound, which, when combined with it's visual stealth and low radar profile, can allow it to literally vanish.

The Harbinger usually cruises at altitudes above the reach of standard aircraft, out of reach, out of sight, and best of all, out of mind. Nevertheless, it can descend to lower altitudes when battle calls, and bring it's guns to bear on it's foes. It is large enough, even, to support a landing deck on the top of the craft - though landing whilst the Harbinger is moving is incredibly dangerous, and even a stationary landing is perilous for experienced pilots. The only planes capable of easily landing are the X-36s themselves. The deck is normally covered by retracting plates, offering protection to the crew and ensuring that the airship cannot be boarded without considerable difficulty.

Finally, the full range of the Harbinger's arsenal remains unknown. Whatever tricks it may keep up it's sleeve are known only to it's crew, and even then, it's hard to be sure whether or not they know everything it can do.

Aircraft Complement[]

  • 2x Silver Nova. Myth and Legend.
  • 1x Evacuation Glider.


  • ?x Twin 12.7mm Machinegun Turrets
  • ?x Twin 20mm Autocannon Turrets
  • ?x 40mm BOFORS Autocannon Turrets
  • ?x 75mm Cannon/Light Howitzer Turrets
  • ?x Anti-Airship Heavy Rocket Turrets
  • ?x Anti-Airship Radio-Controlled Missile/"Torpedo" Tubes


  • Stealth: Whilst the Harbinger's visual and radar stealth systems are not flawless, it certainly beats being spotted from several miles away. If forced to disengage, the Harbinger can effectively retreat and evade pursuit. It can also jam the radar systems of planes nearby, but it does so indiscriminately, and blocks it's own radar from operating.
  • Anti-Air Batteries: The Harbinger's extensive anti-air turret net is capable of taking down any plane that would dare challenge it's airspace superiority. The rear and underside are the most exposed areas of the airship, but even then, they are not completely unprotected by gun arcs, and are shielded against enemy assault with armour. Other airships are another kettle of fish entirely, though.
  • Heavy Armour: To ensure maximum combat lifetime should other airships get involved, the Harbinger itself has heavy armour plating all over. It is not impenetrable, nor flawless, but it goes a long way, and ensures that lightly armed planes are little threat to it.
  • Altitude Evasion: The Harbinger is capable of escaping to higher altitudes to evade combat or interception, but it cannot linger there indefinitely; like a submarine, it must eventually return to more regular operational altitudes.
  • Launch Deck/Hangars: Used for evacuation of crew and defensive purposes, the Harbinger can carry and launch approximately half a dozen small performance planes. It currently maintains two active Nova-class Performance Planes, painted flat silver.
  • Maneuverability: For it's size, the Harbinger is very maneuverable. Relatively speaking, that is. As noted below, it can't maneuver like normal planes, but it can turn around faster than you'd think.
  • Speed: Fast, at least for an airship, the Harbinger can comfortably outpace even the fastest of the zeppelins with a cruising speed of around 250 to 300 km/h, and at maximum power, it's engines push it to about 500km/h... that said, it can still be easily outrun by most standard planes.
  • Visual Profile: From ahead, behind or the sides, the Harbinger has quite a low profile, especially at long range.
  • Long-Range RADAR: Chances are the Harbinger will know you're there long before you know it's there, though obviously, operating it's radar makes it easier to detect, so it tends to spend a lot of time running dark.
  • Flight Duration: Most maintenance on the Harbinger is done whilst it is actually in the air, and it is supposedly capable of flying indefinitely. Whether or not it can remains to be seen.
  • Armoured Command Center: If the engines are the heart of the airship, then the command center is the brain. Sheltered within the core of the craft, the command center looks like a war room, submarine bridge and the set of a sci-fi movie had a three-way collision, and is where all the action takes place. There is no easily hit bridge, unlike other airships...


  • Size: It's huge compared to most planes, and that means it's easy to hit. Sure, it has fantastic maneuverability and handling for it's size, and a fairly low profile from the sides or head on at long range, but it's still hard pressed to avoid attacks, so it needs that thick armour and the myriad gun turrets to fight off planes. It's easily hit by attacks coming in from above or below from more maneuverable planes.
  • Payload: It does not have many heavy weapons - the Harbinger is geared towards fighting off swarms of small planes, not duking it out with other large-scale airships, like Leviathans or Bismarcks. In the case of the latter, all the Harbinger can really do is cut it's losses and run. Which, fortunately, it can do fairly well.
  • Morale/Luxuries: The hugeness means it is hard pressed to find anywhere to land. The crew get pretty much no shore leave (although there are rotations and supply shipments set up) or much in the way of luxuries. It's a bit like a submarine in some aspects. Admittedly the crew are loyal, largely unquestioning and generally get to spend a lot of time relaxing because it's relatively safe, but even then, there's not all that much to do up there.
  • Armour Vulnerabilities: It may have heavy armour but it is not invincible, and it's important to note that heavy damage (especially internal fires) would render it's ability to 'vanish' rather useless; it's hard to sneak off when you're trailing a thick plume of smoke or two. There are also weaknesses - chinks in the armour as it were - that could be exploited by a pilot who managed to spot them.
  • Low Speed: Speed, as perhaps you might have guessed, is yet another thing it does not have vast amounts of. It can probably keep pace with the higher tier trade planes if it really pushes it, and is subject to favourable weather conditions, but it's cruising and optimum speeds are far, far lower. It's more suited to leisurely cruising around out of reach of most craft than chasing down performance planes.
  • Maneuverability: It might have fancy skystone lift and X-36-esque propulsion, but it's too huge to simply 'slide' around as it pleases. You won't see it pulling any weird maneuvers any time soon, unlike it's smaller kin, which can do as they please. Obviously, any maneuvers you might do in a normal plane are simply impossible due to it's sheer size - it would also be impossible to strap everything down.
  • Cloaking Problems: The Harbinger is pretty much incapable of hiding in combat - at very short ranges it is fairly visible as a distinct outline and a very obviously unnatural "heat haze" kind of effect in the air. It's only at long range that it can truly evade visual detection. Once the guns start going and they know where it is, trying to hide is futile. Plus, as mentioned before, heavy damage will make it harder to go unseen.
  • NOT Radar Invisible: It's radar profile might be low thanks to the hull shape, but not completely invisible to it (because 1950s stealth technology is literally decades behind what we have today, though the germans had some prototype designs that were never built or never got off the ground), and it can still be picked up on radar whilst it's cloaked. Deploying the gun turrets increases it's radar signature due to the change in cross section, unsurprisingly. Sure, it can jam you, but that jams it's own radar as well.
  • Prototype Technology: The limits of the equipment in the Harbinger have never truly been tested or pushed to their limits. Who knows what might happen in unforeseen circumstances? Like the Hybridized Dauntlesses, it could essentially be one very carefully tuned machine that's wound up tight enough to take someone's arm off for all anyone knows.
  • Landing Deck Length: Pilots describe carrier-landings as "controlled crashes", and landing on the Harbinger is no exception. The only plane that could manage to land relatively safely is probably the X-36. The two Novas used as interceptors are forced to use rocket-assisted takeoff systems, even when operating at higher altitudes, and their pilots consistently report that landing is something they never look forward to.
  • One of a Kind: Finally, it's literally one of a kind. There are no other Harbingers, no replacements, and little in the way of spare parts apart from those manufactured for contingency purposes. It would take months to assemble a new hull from scratch, and the authorities would almost certainly be on the lookout. Thus, it is the ace up one's sleeve; something one has to use very carefully, only when the time is right, and not to be committed to a task lightly. When the Harbinger shows up, that's when you know things are deadly serious.

Associates and Crew[]

Michael "Mike"/"Fingers" Finch[]

Species: Weasel
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Role: "Security Specialist"

Michael Finch is the closest thing to a trusty sidekick and lieutenant Isengrim has, and was a thief before Isengrim gave him an opportunity he just couldn't resist; work for one of the most infamous pirates around for a sizeable cut of the booty, plus bonuses for any locks picked that stand in the way. It was due to Michael's quick fingerwork that the escape from the prison transport was truly successful; his skill at picking locks is second to none (hence his nickname), and his small (barely five feet tall) and wiry build cause many to underestimate him in combat. Attempting to hold onto Michael Finch is described in a Guardman's report as follows; "It's like trying to hold onto a greased eel - he can worm his way out of practically any hold in a matter of moments, assuming you can catch the little bugger in the first place."

He prefers to be stealthy, using knives (particularly throwing knives) where possible. He also tends to blend into a crowd, making finding him a considerable issue in the first place. Otherwise, Finch stays away from direct confrontation, as endurance and strength are not his forte.

Cho Tao[]

Species: Platypus
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Role: Mechanic, "Head of Resource Acquisition"

Wise beyond his years, Cho Tao is an innocent-looking and unassuming young man... with legit and less-legit connections spread all throughout Skytopia. With his assistance, Isengrim is able to lay his hands on nearly anything he could ever want... for the required price, of course. If you can name it, Tao can get it - just be prepared to foot the bill, as it won't be cheap. He also serves as a mechanic, maintaining the Hellhound and accompanying Isengrim on his various flights. Cho Tao never becomes flustered, and seems to remain in a perpetual state of calm and tranquility, which he claims is only possible through regular meditation.

Cho Tao also supplies Michael Finch with small supplies of venom, which Finch uses (very sparingly, at Isengrim's request) on throwing knives.

Felonious Mire[]

Species: Lynx
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Role: Navigator, Sniper

The young and innocent-looking Felonious Mire is anything but. She serves as Isengrim's Navigator, and is a crack shot to boot. She's weak and bad at hand-to-hand combat, however, and thus relies on range and speed to handle opponents. Her skill with a handgun and rifle transfer to turret gunnery, where she has the most confirmed kills of the crew, despite being a relatively new addition. Nobody's exactly sure how she came across Isengrim, but it's certain that she's attached to him. Her real name is unknown, though Isengrim suspects she ran away from home to see the world, as she does occasionally mention overprotective parents.

Yeoman Schell[]

Species: Seal
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Role: Mechanic, Gunner

Cold and ruthlessly efficient, Yeoman Schell's calculating manner unnerves the rest of Isengrim's crew on a regular basis. He fires as few shots as possible, but always recieves the best outcome - whether this is due to himself or the Lady is uncertain. He cares not which, so long as the performance is consistant. Previously a farmer and part-time tractor mechanic on Steppe, Schell longed for something new. His skill with mechanisms transferred well to planes, and his attitude applied well to gunnery. His preferred weapon would be his wits, but other than that, Schell has a semi-automatic pistol.

Samuel Richardson[]

Species: Lynx
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Role: Gunner

One of the survivors of the incident in which Isengrim foiled a pirate assault on an Armada supply convoy, Richardson was hauled from the sea by Isengrim and his crew after the fight. Young, foolish and innocent, Samuel decided to stay with the Captain, and has signed on as a Gunner for the Hellhound's turrets. He also has a bit of a touch for cooking, which has lead to no end of pleasant surprises for the crew of the Hellhound.