The Skybrary
Catrina Whitclaw
Cat Female.png
Born 23 Delphanus
Died N/A
Species Cat
Affiliation Blue Faction
Profile Profile

Character Description[]

Catrina Whitclaw is your typical farmgirl- sweetly innocent about so much in the world while at the same time having uncanny sense toward it.

With her tawny fur, shoulder length auburn hair and green eyes Catrina can cut a strikingly beautiful figure- but generally the way she dresses subdues her looks, preferring jeans and denim work shirts to dresses and frills. She does, however, tend to switch to a thinner halter top to balance the bulkiness of the oversized flight jacket she wears.

Character Background[]

A Better Way to get High...

On the small skyland she was born and raised on she would revel in the stories of the pilots that flew supplies in, and product out, for her parents. One would have thought that she whould have left home for those far away skylands earlier in her life, but Catrina's loyalty to family and home kept her there until the outside world intervened.

After being addicted to catnip by a pilot looking for a good time, Catrina was saved from making a terrible mistake by her Poppa- although she didn't see it that way at the time, of course. There followed a period of family strife, until another pilot showed Catrina what she was missing in the skies- letting her love for flying overcome her addiction.

Character Personality[]

Catrina is generally friendly to everyone, making friends easily as a rule. She is protective of her friends almost to a fault, and it has gotten her into trouble at times.