Chesamo Sak
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"I'm more than a match for you. Find me again when you learn to fly."
Chief Master Sergeant, AM; Faction Guide
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Plane None
Born 16 Islo Major, 202 (est.)
Unknown (orphaned)
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Species Akita Inu
Height 5'4"
Weight 135 lbs.
Affiliation Independent
Wing N/A
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Chesamo Sak was born on Islo Major 16 in the year 202 AU. His parents, and anything else from that time, have all escaped his grasp. Found struggling to survive in the streets of Steppe, he quickly learned the value of self-reliance (and a good shot of whiskey) from a small street gang known as the Urchins. After hijacking his first trading vessel, Ches made a lifestyle of solitary nomadism. Very few people were in contact with him until age 15, when he learned about and joined Flight School. There, he became acquainted with Kesina Falasel, and the two quickly developed into close friends.

He excelled in the areas of combat and trading, but more often than not fell behind in history and politics. After earning his Flight License on his eighteenth birthday, Ches left the School and painted the orange flag of Independence on Scuttle's hull, forever distancing himself from the formalities of education.

In 221, Ches witnessed seeing Kesina, the only true friend he ever had, nearly get killed in an ambush. He took it upon himself to protect her and Apprenticed her until she was back on her feet.

Very rarely does Ches allow information about his past leak out, save to a few individuals. He always keeps a small viridian-gemmed brooch in his breast pocket, for reasons unknown. He has mentioned "his lost girl", but has refused to elaborate further.

Just after the appearance of the Hidden Fleet, Chesamo mysteriously vanished along with his crew and cargo. He was not heard from for nearly two years, when he crash-landed through a window at the Rotor and Prop... without a vessel. Apart from the brooch and flight clothing, he had lost all of his possessions and his crew is still missing.

Chesamo is the inventor and a proud user of the "plane shotgun" technique -- that is, the exclusive use of Flak cannons to take down his opponents. While maneuvering nearby to enemies is something most pilots avoid, Chesamo eagerly dives into close combat to bring his opponents within range. "There is nothing more satisfying," he has said, "than blowing a chunk out of a platform from fifty yards away, with the anti-aircraft guns uselessly trying to gun you down."

Personality and MannerismsEdit

You Can't Take The Sky From Me
This character is independent and follows no faction.

Chesamo is a somewhat distant person, his reactions to different personality types varying across a wide spectrum. He can generally relate to people who share a similar past, though what these people have done with their lives is a different matter entirely. Ches despises Pirates, and has been thrown out of more than a few bars for brawling with them. He has a major superiority complex (thanks to his upbringing) and very rarely backs down from a fight. Though headstrong, he is not arrogant and will generally help people in need (especially if those people can mix a good drink).

Ches has a particular weakness for pretty women, especially those who can match his verbal blows.

He is typically armed with two pistols: a .44 revolver with a five-shot cartridge in his shoulder holster, and a .40 subcompact strapped to his left leg. He has fired each only once outside of target practice.


Skyrates 2.6Edit

Valeriy Chernov approached Chesamo after noticing a vessel docked at Islo bearing the name "Goody." As a mechanic, he had been friends with Polly and was interested in helping to find his old acquaintance. Rough, loud, and bitter, the antelope hails from Gonk and bears his commendation medals from the Upheaval War with pride. He carries no firearm, but is deadly with his throwing knives. On more occasions than Ches has been willing to admit, Valeriy has saved the canine by flinging bits of metal into an attacker's rotors. Despite being very blunt and unafraid to speak his mind, he has very few enemies.

Skyrates 2.4Edit


The final crew of the Simplex. All members are MIA.

Charity Addams, a platypus from Lhasa, first signed up with Ches when he finally traded in Scuttle. Having been with him the longest, Addams is somewhat close to his Captain. Rarely speaking louder than a low whisper, Charity has become almost an icon among the three crewmembers. A naturally-talented Navigator, with his ancestral memories predating the Great Upheaval, he has tremendously accelerated Chesamo's progress towards becoming one of the best Independent pilots in Skytopia. As one of only two people known to be able to hold Ches in check (the other being Kesina), Addams has perhaps one of the most important members of the crew.

Found scavenging around the hangar where Seti was docked during its stay on Alpha 17, Jesse Smith was "adopted" into Ches' crew by Charity. Smith admires his Captain, almost to the point of obsession. Easily excited, the raccoon's reflexes are without parallel. Jesse is also a master of the art of linguistics, and excels in trading almost as much as he does in combat.

Polly "Goody" Goodsoup has the distinction of being the first female crew member on board the Simplex. Quick-witted and extremely good with her hands, the pangolin has never failed to finish the jobs set in front of her. Goody is extremely loyal to her plane (and Chesamo, through extension) and has been known to climb onto a wing to patch it in the middle of combat, wielding her Reich Luger 9mm against the other planes. One of her childhood friends, Victor Chernov, has also signed on to help Polly out where he can. Also a talented strategist, Victor often takes helm for Chesamo while he mans the guns.

Wielding a sharp tongue and extraordinary looks, Nari Ahn is as charismatic as she is brilliant. Her extensive use of sarcasm to bring across her point is second only to her Captain. The two are often seen snapping back and forth at each other across (more than a few) glasses of Reich whiskey. Their relationship is quickly evolving, and many possibilities lie in front of them.

All members of this crew disappeared with Chesamo two years ago (canonically).


This information is for in-game purposes only. Please refer to the Dramatis Personæ for his current RP vessels.

Skyrates 2.6
Cr4p-side Charity (CR-4P)
Marauder-side Jesse (XM-29 Marauder)
Phantom-side Goody (Phantom)
Skyrates 2.4
Cr4p-side Scuttle (CR-4P)
Marauder-side Scramble (XM-29 Marauder)
Phantom-side Seti (Phantom)
Seahawk-side Seraphim (Seahawk)
Seafire-side Simplex (Seafire)

Battle for The Rotor and PropEdit

Just before the New Year, Chesamo and Hyashi were forced to protect the Rotor and Prop on their own. After an extensive aerial combat with the Hidden Fleet's Two Towers, the first platform was sent crashing into the Great Ocean. Due to grave damage to both the Overture and his personal craft, Captain Hyashi was forced to retreat to the R&P, leaving Ches completely alone. Pounding the remaining platform with Simplex's triple flak cannons, he managed to dislodge one of the supporting propellers. Much-needed reinforcements came in the form of Captain Isengrim (to Chesamo's chagrin), and the two were able to successfully destroy the platform.


Just remember that the player is NOT the character, and he sometimes acts quite apart from himself. The player tries as hard as possible not to break character, and he asks that you don't hold it against him. If you have a problem with his character, please discuss it in General and the player will try to explain the motive behind the actions.

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