The Skybrary
Daniel "Diver Dan" Umi
Green Polar bear.jpg
Combat Commander of the Emerald Republic
Born 10 March
Died N/A
Species Polar Bear
Affiliation Green Faction
Wing None
Profile Profile

Character Description[]

Diver Dan is a polar bear of fairly large height but relatively slender proportions. As he is barely into his adulthood, Diver Dan does not possess the large build or ferocity of most grown male polar bears. However, what he lacks in size is made up for in maturity; A young bear, Diver Dan nevertheless has the mannerisms and wisdom of someone far older.

Though he has the green khaki uniform that all Emerald Republic officials own, Diver Dan can most commonly be spotted in a worn, brown leather jacket and tan khaki pants, topped off by a crush cap and green silk scarf. For protection he carries a .45 pistol in a concealed shoulder holster, as well as a sheathed combat blade on his belt, though he has (so far) had little need for either weapon.

Character Background[]

Little is currently known of Daniel's background. He has mentioned on at least one occasion strong family ties to diving; what, exactly, these connections are is not yet clear.

((OOC: The player behind Diver Dan has yet to flesh out a proper character history. Give him time, though...))

Character Personality[]

As stated earlier, Diver Dan displays a level of understanding and maturity that belies his age. This has provided invaluable in his work as Co-Commander of the Emerald Republic's Department of Defense, where he (and Co-Commander Bouchie Topturner) lead all Influence Runners of the Green Faction in their defense and takeover of skylands. He prides himself on a strong sense of formality and tactical shrewdness that has allowed the Emerald Republic Army--composed entirely of volunteers--to develop into a willing and efficient force.

However, Diver Dan's youth does occasionally reveal itself, especially in times of surprise or social anxiety. In such moments his composure tends to turn energetic and flustered, and all sense of formality disappears. He has been known to put his foot in his mouth on some occasions--especially when discussing the other factions--though his work as such a high-profile figure in the government is helping to correct this tendency.

Ship Bio[]

Diver Dan has bounced between trade- and combat-oriented planes, though since flying a Nova he has put a strong emphasis on speed.

Currently he flies The Mended Drum, a triple-kitted Bolo used for influence, trading, and combat purposes. Past planes include:


  • Hyun-Ki Qui, of Tehras.


Antelope crew.png

  • Yon Seok, of Fuseli.


Chevron Cat crew.png

  • Valentin Lebedev, of Aleut.


Chevron Cat crew.png