The Skybrary
Grey Mortand
Fox Male.png
Born Juli 5th
Species Fox
Affiliation Independent
Wing Black Sheep Squadron
Profile Profile

Character Description[]

Grey is a gray fox from Eltsina. He is an easy-going inventor which constantly has grease on his paws, and is tinkering with something. He is most noted for his kindness and is fiercely loyal to his friends. This loyalty and trust can (and is often) taken advantage of, but he doesn't mind.

He is often seen wearing a white lab coat with a Black Sheep Squadron patch on one shoulder and a white silk flight scarf when flying, a left over from his days at flying open-topped planes.

Character Background[]

Grey was born to a rich merchant family on Eltsina, but his independent streak drove him out into the wild as soon as he could raise the money to buy an old CR-4P. Cast out from his family, he never looked back and soon had upgraded to the current "Grey Death" - a Hades model which he treasures and tinkers with in his spare time.

However, his expulsion from his merchant upbringing did not quelch the drive to make money that was in his blood. Grey has flown to most of the skylands with the exception of the far off lands of Uuwerk and Grottopolis, and his travels tend to center around skylands with profitable trade opportunities.

Currently Grey resides on Alpha 11 with his independent-minded brethren.

Character Personality[]

Grey's personality is naive and trusting, slow to anger yet quick to defend his friends. He also can be oblivious if he is working on one of his inventions, and tends to scribble plans on any writing surface when inspiration strikes. This has been muted a bit lately with the addition of crewmembers to care for, but Grey is fiercely protective of Elena.

Ship Bio[]

Grey is currently flying a newly-bought King Fisher, the 'Grey Death'. Upgrades are currently being bought, but the Grey Death is the eighth ship bearing the name, and has a grey paint scheme with white and red secondaries.



*Elena Osipov, of Juliet, Trader. Pirate Kitty crew.png

Elena first stowed away on a plane to get away from abusive parents - which turned out to be the Grey Death. Found shivering in the hold, Grey was nearly cut to ribbons by the near feral child, but he gained her confidence and has been taking care of her since. Her street wise knowledge and near-perennial hyper-happy attitude made her into a great trader for unwary merchants who fell for her wiles.

It has been four years since she arrived on the Grey Death, and Elena has slowly become a semi-normal child, but her unique perspective of the world tends to shock people who are unaware of her background. Both Grey and Elena are extremely protective of each other, and Elena still goes feral if someone she likes is hurt. Hurt during a pirate attack, Elena sports a mechanical prothestic leg.