Dusty Skiff

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Doroteia "Dusty" Maari Skiff
Squirrel Female
Call Sign SG36AL (Sierra-Golf-Three-Six-Alpha-Lifeboat)
Plane Ingersoll
Born Magnus 20
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Species Caucasian Squirrel
Height 5' (152 cm)
Weight 108 lbs (50 kg)
Affiliation Azure League
Wing N/A
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Dusty SkiffEdit

Character HistoryEdit

Doroteia Skiff was born to Helene Maari and Georgio Skiff on the hottest day of the year and has not managed to get used to the cold ever since. Her parents, professors at Goldenrod College, raised Dusty and her twin sister Niniene to be intellectuals. The family is not religious at all and, at most, only culturally Nomadic.

Dusty and Niniene had a pleasant childhood; Niniene was always the more driven of the two, and Dusty spent quite a lot of time when she should have been studying taking flying lessons from her friends and relatives among her mother's tribe. However, she managed a degree in physics and left, along with her sister, for Islo at age eighteen.

Dusty recieved her engineering degree within three years and took a position on Islo staff. However, she found herself yearning for more and, possessing a significant wanderlust, obtained a basic paramedic degree, bought her own plane, and took a sabbatical. Her parents and sister were not terribly amused, but did their best to support her in her life choices, even as she spent four years doing increasingly dangerous search-and-rescue work.

This walk on the wild side was largely put to an end when Dusty discovered the joys and responsibilites of parenthood after adopting her ten-year-old son, Maurice. Most recently, she has gone back to Islo in search of a position more suited to raising a family. To her surprise, working as a scientist is a lot more interesting and enjoyable than she found it at twenty-one.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dusty is a small, grey-and-red mottled squirrel. She is rather athletic but unskilled with weapons. She likes to wear blue, although less from any specific patriotism to her faction than from that color being common in Islo. Dusty carries brass knuckles in the pocket of whatever she happens to be wearing.


Cheerful and nearly perpetually amused, Dusty always lets her feelings be known and has a tendency to speak, and sometimes act, before she thinks. She keeps a cool head in an emergency, drinks hard whiskey, and takes pride in her expert running-away skills.


Dusty has been blessed with a loving family. Her parents live on Goldenrod, and her twin sister Niniene leads a team of biochemists in Islo. The two sisters maintain a close relationship and a closer rivalry - Dusty in particular is somewhat self-conscious over Ninene's academic success. Out of the rest of her family, Dusty maintains the closest ties with her mother's Nomadic tribe and all the myriads of cousins therein, although she is not at all religious.

Dusty lives with her adopted son, Maurice Gibbons. Together with Zhana and Talyn and thier children, the little group forms yet another close-knit family.


Has been around for far too long.

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