The Skybrary
Duxe Brackenridge
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"Treat those under your command as though they were your own children" - J.E. Brackenridge
Silver Wing Mercenary
Call Sign Delta-Bravo
Plane Nova - "Striker"
Born March 31st
Age 22
Died {{{death}}}
Species Grey Wolf (aka Timber Wolf)
Height 6'3"
Weight 165-180
Affiliation Azure League - Hired mercenary
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Physical Appearance[]








Crimson Raider - A heavily damaged Mk.II that Duxe had restored to a warriors glory. Outfitted with flak's and howitzers, it proved to be a very formidable adversary to any pirate Duxe came across. His only incident that made him store it back on Aleut was that he tangled with a Hidden Fleet Thunderbolt in the mountains, both pilots unwilling to give they went into a high atmosphere duel that they both came away from bleeding. The MkII was damaged once more after one of its wings was shredded.

Grey Knight - A modded Phantom that Duxe took a heavy liking too after his Crimson Raider was damaged beyond repair. Having the funds to acquire a new craft he purchased a Phantom on a visit to Islo, outfitted with Autocannon and Flak.

Sapphire Wing - Duxe's latest craft, a Seahawk painted blue with silver. Armed with medium Machine guns and a howitzer, his current craft is his pride and joy.

Midnight Hue - After accruing enough resources Duxe parked his Seahawk fighter and went back into the Plane market for a craft that had caught his attention for quite some time, the Cetacea. Not as combat effective he believed as the Seahawk; the greatly improved speed and armor class alone sure than made up for it. Painted a midnight blue and glossy black, Duxe likes to perform Night hunts against pirates where his planes color scheme would be the most effective. He had a medium flak, machine gun, and howitzer installed giving him a variety of attack possiblilites against different targets.

Darkened Wing - A Seafire that Duxe modified quite a bit or his Archealogical profession. Originally he was looking at a Vengeance but when landing skids and pontoons are almost non-existent for that model his choice swung back on the pendulum. A pair of machine guns and an underbelly slung howitzer gives it's offensive capabilities some respect. This time however he added a double set of rocket mounts on the large wingspan the plane offered, opting for time charged and proximity warheads instead of the faulty radio homing "Seekers" he had been trying to work on.

Pearl - A captured Bismark after he changed the conditions of a contract he accepted after returning from a nightmare on Aleut. Capturing the vessel also allowed him to acquire a most peculiar crew member. Doctor Jannis Yosnowski, a large over jovial Platypus that has a sweet tooth for run and bioweapons. With the good doctor to keep Duxe company, the renamed 'Pearl' after its snow-white appearance becomes his 'flagship'. It boasts considerable firepower despite its overhauled intentions as an excavation zeppelin. With three sets of 5"/38 calber cannons on both port and starboard side for zepp on zepp battles. Bofor and Oerlikon's nests for AA, three FRC (Fast Reaction Craft) onboard, it has yet to be tested by anything pirates scrounge against it.

Hunter 1 - One of the three Avenger's docked aboard the 'Pearl'. Unlike the others which act as wingmen for this particular Avenger, it has been painted a striped camoflauge of black, blue, and a darker shade of blue, mimicking the ocean if spotted above. Heavy cannon and howitzer grace the armaments of this warbird. It might be slower but its offensive capabilites and the ability to take damage while returning it three fold makes this craft the first choice in a dogfight.

Sea Wolf - After the destruction of the 'Pearl' and 'Hunter-1' in a two day battle against Hidden Fleet forces on the sea, Duxe acquired a Barashiki as his last craft. With the latest radar/sonar equipment installed its goal to be the next-gen Hunter for Duxe is prime...if he can get a crew for it. Despite the combat capabilities it can boast about, Duxe prefers using the Barashiki as a diving platform for recreational and exploration/archaeology reasons. When not in use the 'Sea Wolf' is usually on loan to search and rescue services.

Black Pearl - Once a zeppelin captain, always a zeppelin captain. Duxe invested a heavy amount into the modification of a battered Leviathan that he acquired. Nearly stripping it down to its frame just to make sure that upgrades and the proper construction was correctly accomplished. 6"52 tri-barreled cannons with a compliment of 5"38's give the warship quite an advantage than its predecessor. Just like the 'Pearl' the 'Black Pearl' carries a compliment of five aircraft. Four Avengers and one Nova. Its color is that of black to represent the death and revival of Duxe's last command into something greater. Which the outline shape of a pearl can be seen on its starboard side.

Retribution - Upon his return and attempt to get his life back together. Duxe recieved a call from Uurwerk that his order was complete and ready for pickup. Confused by such call, and finding no receipts or bills of construction for any "order" he may have placed, Duxe flew to Uurwerk to uncover what the call was about. When he arrived a private company had built and stored a new plane on the skyland specifically just to his preferences, which they showed him upon his arrival. Having no recollection of ordering such a plane, let alone being able to afford the purchasing of materials, designing, testing, and production, Duxe took the plane back to the Rotor and Prop skylet and hid it in a vacant hangar of his choosing until he could discover the source of the order.

A Mercenary's Log[]

After the 'Black': [PENDING][]