In Magnus` Name...

This character is a member of the Earthen Order.

Detailed eeptog
"Through the darkest of times, the light of Magnus shall always shine through."
Prelate to the Order
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Born Goldenrod
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Species Manx Cat
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Affiliation Earthen Order
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Eeptog first made himself truly known by being a 'Temp-judge' during the The People v. Victor "Screetchy" Soter case, which has now been deemed merely a fact finding case, making his sentence of 26 years, false.

He was named Prelate to The Earthen Order, Friday October 16th 2009.

(Icon drawn by Aerisyka )

Plane ListEdit

CR-4P - "Skyrunner"
Thor - "Loki"
MK-II - "The Marionette"
Econolops - "ILLEGAL USER"

(Planes after The Raid)

CR-4P - "The Wreck"
Valkyrie - "Wodin"
Mk-ii - "The Puppeteer"
Econolops - "Flail and Scepter"
Barracuda - "Thaumaturge"

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Eeptog the (grown up) skyrate

Eeptog's latest Incarnation

Eeptog Stands at somewhere over 6 feet and has somewhat of a belly although his fur and clothing hides it well. The fur pattern on his face has been attributed to that of a skunk, although he prefers to say it looks more like a hood of a monk. Under his clothes his pattern gives off the look of 'a natural ammo strap' with an, albeit uneven, black line going from his left shoulder to his right hip, turning into 'natural pants' as it covers the rest of his legs, His left arm is also completely black and connects to the strap at his shoulder.

For clothes he wears a thick white cotton button-down shirt and dark blue slacks, He is almost always seen wearing his dark brown Duster which he buttons up when expecting a fight, or if he is just cold. Accessories include golden charms dangling from his hair, and super action reading glasses (sold separately.)
As a weapon he carries a "Fuseli AU97" although he has never fired it.

Eeptog tries to stay personable but stern, as Prelate he tries to be easily approachable but still be able to give sound and strong advice. Expect to be called brother at least once, even if you are female.


(To be added soon, as of now Eeptog prefers to keep his past to himself. The only known thing is that he and Dusty Skiff seem to be childhood friends.)

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