The Skybrary
Ferret Male.png
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Died Not yet
Species Ferret
Affiliation Court of Violets
Wing 7th Street Capulets
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Ellington claims this is only a costume!

Not much is truly known about the radio personality and Court of Violets member, Ellington. A few times he has claimed to have no family, and indeed, no records on where Ellington was born or to whom have been discovered. He first appeared as a teenager in Flight School, passing the Navigation section handily, and the Combat sections with flying colors. His grades on the Trading sections have mysteriously disappeared.

He founded and heads up Ellington Radio, took over the governorship of Tortuga and generally makes a nuisance out of himself. He is rumored to have a large stockpile of various years of O'Doyle Nippenbrau. It is unknown how much of Ellington's apparent insanity is real or an act. Rumors abound about his connections to the pirate craft Goldfish, but he confirms nothing.