The Skybrary
Honour and Duty

This character is a member of the Crimson Armada.

Fenriq D'Anger
Died N/A
Species Monkey
Affiliation Crimson Armada
Profile Profile

Fenriq D'Anger is the grandson of one of the forefathers and pilot-heroes of the current Red Faction, Fizzo D'Anger, who flew and fought alongside the Fuseli brothers back before Levernius left the Empire and Linguini went off to pursue his culinary fortunes within the Empire. Fizzo served under Admiral Ignacious Fuseli for many years until his mysterious disappearance during an exploratory mission into the darkness at the edge of Skytopia. His last transmissions described fantastical visions that were dismissed as rantings of the doomed but Fenriq grew up hearing the recordings and vowed to follow his grandfather's path into the beyond to discover his fate.

Fenriq took to flying and air combat at an early age, pressed into service out of necessity at first and then out of desire for his natural combat skills, courage in battle and leadership by example. Not much of a talker (unless there's a tankard or four of grog involved and then sit back, shut up and listen), Fenriq is and has been a loyal member of the Red Faction, rising through its ranks by hard fought victories over Fuseli, Islo, Eltsina and Noptis (fair Noptis, how we miss thee still), to his current position as Senator in the Crimson Empire and envoy to the Skytopian Council. He previously served as a liaison to the ultimately failed United Faction Assembly. But his proudest achievement was the important role he played during the second Unification of the Skylands under the banner of the Red Faction.

His current assignments: overseeing the governing of numerous Skylands including Islo, Alpha 3, Cidade, Romeo, Tehras and Volstoy and serving as a senior advisor to the Crimson Empire Senate.