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This character is a member of the Azure League.

Skyrate Foxpaws.png
Trader and Heir to the Great House Zupe
Born Magnus 7th 185 A.U.
Died Not Dead
Species Fox
Affiliation Azure League
Profile Profile


Brief History[]

Foxpaws Zupe was born into a family of Traders. There was interspecies tension over his father being a fox and his mother being a wolf. Regardless, they married shortly after their careers picked up. Though his father and mother were decent traders, old age and bad backs stopped their career to a halt. They settled down on Jordan and had Foxpaws and his older brother, Wolfjaws. Both are half fox and half wolf, but Foxpaws only appears to be fox while his brother only appears to be wolf.

Both Foxpaws and his brother attended Flight School by the age of 15. As soon Wolfjaws got his Flight License he left to become a pirate somewhere in the southeast. Foxpaws went on to make a name for his family by becoming a trader. Both of them have a strong intention of making the Great House Zupe one that will be known.

Foxpaws is a shorter than average fox, though his tail is nearly a foot longer than most foxes. His fur is burgundy, perhaps because of his father's bright red fur and his mother's coal black fur. Other than his burgundy colored fur no other traits of him being half wolf are known.


Foxpaws never wanted to hold any weapon but from pressure from his parents, he chose a cheap Katana sword rather than a gun (His parents weren't impressed). He leaves it in his plane for the most part, but when in dangerous areas. He has absolutely no training with the sword, and the few times he had to use it, the sheath was kept on and used as a blunt object.


His ship's title is always the Bluewave, based off a fictional trader pilot and his plane. He is normally found flying trading planes.


When Foxpaws had imagined his first plane he always thought of the Lancaster his father flew around, but when his parents opened up the small hanger doors he saw his father's old CR-4P. His father had been fixing up the plane ever since both of his sons had gotten into Flight school. Unfortunately for Foxpaws, his brother got his father's Lancaster due to a failed game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Pieces of the ship fell off as he traded around Skytopia and during one incident the cargo doors fell off and he lost an entire shipment of wood to the ocean. Seeing as though he would never be able to trade in the CR-4P, he decided to drive it off a cliff and got his Nomad instead. Foxpaws suspects that it still might be flying.


The improvement from the CR-4P wasn't big, but knowing that he didn't have to worry about his cargo door anymore was enough for him. The large gun on the back did satisfy his need to deal with pirates enough that he held onto his new plane for a little longer. Unfortunately Foxpaw's need to explore other skylands lead him to trading in the Sturdy Nomad for a plane with higher fuel capabilities.


For several hours Foxpaws argued with the dealer about the price of a small Kittyhawk. The plane had several bullet holes along the side, a turbine that looked as though it would shoot off any second, and a tire that was flat. He managed to get the Kittyhawk down to half its original price before the Dealer wouldn't bring it down anymore. Several terrible and horrifying attempts to take off passed before the plane had managed to stay in the air. As he predicted the turbine of the Kittyhawk did fly off eventually, but during a take off so no one was injured (Well, not that he really looked to see if anyone was in that building.)


For the first time Foxpaws really felt like he got a good deel. Pouring over 500,000 into the Cyclops including it's weaponry, the huge cargo plane paid for itself withen the first week of its flight. Three rear guns insured that anyone trying to follow this fox and its cargo would deeply regret it. And enough room for another crewmate, he gladly accepted Edmund onto his crew and the band of traders started here to ensure the Great House Zupe's victory.


With the air becoming more and more dangerous as he pushed into faster trade routes, Foxpaws knew his Cyclops wouldn't hold up. One too many close calls forced him to reroute to ensure he kept his load, crew, and life. But the risks paid off with the quickly growing wallets of him and his crew. With that money he bought himself a battleship of an airplane. The barracuda has enough gun power and room, the trips through the black are becoming well worth it.


Valentin Solovyov[]

Lemur crew.png

Valentin is the first to be part of Foxpaw's crew. Skilled in Trading, he always had a way of getting his way ever since he was young. The Lemur's personality is opposite to Foxpaw's, seeing he has no respect towards his lineage and can be very direct to people who have nothing he want. Also unlike Foxpaws, he doesn't mind his revolver. Sometimes he acts as a bodyguard to Foxpaws.

Edmund Tassel[]

Bunny crew.png

Edmund's shy attitude and anti-social skills were a strange combination for being a trader. He didn't even talk to Valentin for the first flight from Earthbreach to Alpha 2. But slowly he managed to warm up to both Valentin and Foxpaws, though Valentin enjoys the occasional prank on the small bunny. Foxpaws and Edmund both have a strong stance against guns, but unlike Foxpaws he reluctantly carries a pistol on him at all times. The young rabbit never has to use it.


Cowboy Hat[]

With a run in with a couple Azure League members, he learned that the Azure have a liking to hats. Despite his family working with the Jade Hand as traders, he wanted to move from the faction and keep his own hat. He is currently on an expedition to join the Azure League and show off his own fancy cowboy hat to the faction. When he arrived they welcomed him warmly with stroganoff, which would have been delicious if Foxpaws had in fact been poor.

Lonely Plane[]

The flight from Jordan to Islo was long. He tried to sing songs while he flew. Then he tried the radio out for a bit. Eventually he had tried creative writing, poetry, seeing if he could see his cargo hit the ocean, contemplating if he could in fact survive the drop, almost testing his theory, writing a short biography about himself, and finally going insane. It wasn't til he saw the beautiful tower like skyland that he had come to his senses again. Shortly after he decided he needed a crew for his plane and his first place to look would be Arcadia. Having no luck in Arcadia, he searched throughout the skylands for a crew mate.


Foxpaws managed to make another long and empty flight from Arcadia. It wasn't til about half of the flight that he went mad again. This time he found himself banging his head on the dashboard until the flight was over. As soon as he landed he ran into the tavern and grabbed onto a nearby lemur. With some convincing he managed to get the Trader to join his crew. Despite Valentin having a completely different personality as Foxpaws, they managed to get along well enough. Foxpaws was just relieved that he no longer has to talk to the cargo.