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This character is a member of the Jade Hand.

Giul Thunderstrike
Fly Sky High!
GNN Head Editor
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Born 22nd of EB [Age 20]
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Died Still Alive
Species Desert Fox
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Affiliation Flight School
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Profile Giul Siad


Giul is very friendly. He likes helping people especially when it involves flying. He likes to relax and chat, or get up and play. When he's happy, he has the habits of humming familiar tunes or looking at the sky and the stars.

Giul is also very forgetful at times. He carries around reports on the news and the value of goods to make sure he doesn't forget what goods are plentiful where. He needs to be reminded of things that most people can usually remember, such as owing people money or important dates. However, he never seems to forget a face, even if he gets the name wrong.


Giul is a Orange-Brown Fox. He stands 5 ft. 9 in tall. He wears a Green Flight jacket,and always has a long green scarf, he keeps that in his plane when its not cold out. He also has blue goggles and wears black boots. When he's off duty, he has some t-shirts with skylands on them and likes to wear jeans. He has some scars under his ears from the crash at Aluet, however they have receded and they are usually unnoticable.


When Giul was younger, he lost his dad and other people of his young childhood in a plane crash. His dad meant a lot to Giul, as he had taught a lot to him including a song that Giul hums a lot. At the funeral, he had asked what happened to his father and the other people. His mother replies. 'They are taking a permanent place in the sky, where they can watch over you and everyone else." Giul believes that to this very day, and he constantly looks at the sky, especially at night, ever since that moment, trying to find his mentor. He joined flight school to and was OK, but he always forgot some of the basic maneuvers at times. However, he managed to graduate along with his friends and was soon able to roam the skies

He joined the Jade hand in order to get more help trading and to be a better help to others. Soon after joining, Giul was assigned to delivery quests and saw most of the world he hadn't as a Flight School graduate. He also learned a lot about the factions and how the operated through a series of events including the 'Squid' incident. It showed him the more darker side of the world. These learning experiences continued after he won the Vice Presidency election. As the Vice President, Giul was more concerned on being more of a representative of the Hand and running its news company GNN. However, he still took time to be a friend An incident on Gonk hit him hard. He and two of his crew were helping Spindax retrieve his father from pirates on Gonk. Being tipped off, they were ambushed on the way out of Gonk. They were chased to Aluet and crashed, luckily Aleut's AA guns saved them and hospitals helped them recover. Due to the ambush and the mission itself, he lost two crew members, one had died and the other one had left to recover from the expierence

After his term as Vice President, Giul had to endure a tough loss of his friend Hyashi, as he was put into a state by his own traumatic experience. So he took Hyashi's crew: Mike, Yon Sinn, and the engineer twins; along with his friend CuteFox to an expedition in the black, the results have not yet been published, but he has kept a journal of his exploits.

When he got back, Skytopia had changed, and he was forced to start over as a Skyrate. He renewed his FL and had to start again, but this does not seem to bother Giul, as he is more focused that ever to helping the JH. Giul recently returned to the Vice Presidency after a stunning last minute victory. He stops by the office to deliver reports to the cabinet and help plan a strategy for them. However, Giul hates the robes that the cabinet wears during the election confrimations saying "if I wasn't from Luz, I'd be burnt up in those things.

Giul has started up the GNN on a more serious basis. He is planning to move around to all the major events to hopefully get more profit through information that other means. He also hope that his reporting will cause other people to smile.


Giul is friends with Siad Bloom, a classmate from Flight School. They meet once a month on Luz to talk about how they have been, to settle any business between them and to have fun.

He also has a very good friendship with An-Zu and Marquis Raphael Di Miglia, they bonded as new people out of Flight School. He is also a good friend with Hyashi even before Hyashi joined the Hand and is after he left. He seems them a few times but never in the taverns

Giul has many allies in and out of the Jade Hand, he respects Marcus Cunningham as a superior officer. He also looks up to the other people in the cabinet.


Luz Del Zorro: After the Aluet crash Giul got a deal made to get a Vengeance. He used it for the rest of the period known as "2.4" and used it on his expedition. When he got back to Skytopia...and his FL had to be renewed. He hid this plane keep it from falling into the pirates. He now uses the name on a Green and white Seahawk as he's making a new name for himself

Maikaru (マイケル): The Seahawk is Giul's 5th plane. It is named the Maikaru for reasons only known to himself. Giul proudly takes the plane into battle as its superior armor and firepower help him greatly. He has a flak tube as his middle gun and the plane has a paint job done by Giul, All the red sports are painted green and on the tail is a lightning bolt, an homage to his previous planes. Retired after Aluet Crash.

It was also the name of his 4th plane. He respects the Chappy for its amazing distance, it was also his first plane under the Jade Hand

Green Bolt : CR-4P :Thor :Marauder

La Sombra Del Zorro: A dark green and white seahawk. This ship brings a ton of firepower along with its helpfulness. Giul has gone on record saying. "The Seahawk is my favorite plane ever; I feel the best and most in tune with the sky in it." He has since retired the plane after a failed landing ruined the landing gear beyond repair.


Although Giul usually is alone, he does have some crew to help him concentrate

Mercy Nottingham : Navigator. Current Status: Deceased, Shot through head during Gonk Hostage Rescue. Was from Shriebeck

Lee Song: Trader. Current Status: No longer working. While a good friend from Islo. After the Gonk Hostage Rescue. Lee asked for his release to recover and reconnect with his skyland

Maya Sey: Diplomat/Co-pilot. Current Status: Employed. From Midgard, She and her sister, Ema, share a very close bond. She is very methodical in her work, and very relaxed when not on work. She has a habit of calling Giul 'Gi' and using Nicknames. This trait has sometimes rubbed off on the captain.

Paul Donli: Mech. Current Status: On leave. From a small skylet off of Steppe, this male skunk was a thief taking from planes. Giul caught him in the act and stopped his escape. Rather than beating him up for it or reporting to the police. He thought it be more fun and a challenge to try reforming the skunk himself. That didn't help him from a beating from Maya and Charity, Hyashi's mechanic After a forced employment on the Sombra working as a mechanic, the skunk repaid all the stolen goods, but stayed on the crew because 'he had nothing else'

No other crew to report at this time....but there are reports that Giul has {Classisified information, please provide Jade Hand official papers of information to proceed}