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Daisuke Sasaki
Cat Male.png
Fighter Ace
Call Sign: "Phoenix"
Plane "Kama" (Mantis)
Born 4 Ear 192 AU (age 22)
Died N/A
Species Cat
Height 6'1
Weight 175 lbs
Affiliation Independent
Wing Revanche - Claymore Wing
Crew Seung Tang: Mechanic
Kills/Losses 3080-0 (as of 4/27/10)
Profile Forum Profile

Daisuke Sasaki came close to failing every class on takeoffs and landings at the Echo Academy of Flight, causing him to nearly wash out of the program entirely. Even to this day, passengers unfortunate enough to ride with him typically classify their flight as a "near-death experience." In the air, however, Daisuke's talents at dogfighting are greatly to be feared. In his graduating class, he was nearly peerless, and, since leaving the academy, he has yet to lose a fight.


Daisuke grew up on a small farm on the skyland Steppe. Constantly plagued with droughts and pirate raids alike, his family eked out an extremely difficult life. He was expected to follow in his father's footsteps, but with his head too often in the clouds instead of on the fields, Daisuke was clearly not destined to be a housecat. His family recognized this and made enormous sacrifices in order to scrape together the tuition he needed to make it into the Echo academy. Never having forgotten the loving support he received, he manages to send a large sum of money home every month, hard won in the marketplace and in the air.

Final Flight of the Mejirozame[]

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The Wataridori leans on the Mejirozame like a wounded soldier.

It's a sad fact that Daisuke's first true love, the Mejirozame, was the first aircraft of his to meet a permanent demise, not at the hands of pirates, as one might expect, but in the course of a daring mid-air rescue of the Wataridori, a wounded Ingersoll. While the rescue was successful, the Mejirozame was utterly destroyed in the attempt. Fortunately, Daisuke and Seung both miraculously escaped alive, despite being badly injured. The rescued pilot would turn out to be none other than the Emerald Republic's sitting President, Josiah Hrahn.

Hidden Fleet: Opening Salvos[]

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Seung Tang[]

Seung Tang
Personality Mentor
Hired at Midgard
Skyland of Origin Phillipia
Hired on 9 Ear 214
Species Cat
Assigned? Yes
Seung Tang was a quiet, easygoing, well-mannered mechanic when Daisuke found him. Within two days of being hired, Daisuke managed to transform Seung into a short-tempered, foul-mouthed, crazed time bomb of a crew member at his wit's end. Their partnership went through a literal trial by fire as the Mejirozame, Daisuke's Requin, engaged and triumphed in almost a dozen hair-raising combats, barely limping back to land not once, but twice, both times with as many bullet holes as bolts. However, though he'd be hard-pressed to admit it, a part of Seung admired Daisuke's courage (even if he'd call it insanity), and though the two exchanged harsh words and nearly parted ways, for whatever reason, they stuck together and have become fast friends. Seung has slowly grown used to life on the edge in Daisuke's employ and has regained much of his collected stoicism from before. However, every once in a while, some new unanticipated challenge will exhaust the reserves of Seung's not insignificant patience, and the fiery hothead within him will come back to the surface.