Honour and Duty

This character is a member of the Crimson Armada.

Captain Library Director Sir!
Born 24 years old
Species Fox
Affiliation Crimson Armada
Profile Profile


6'2" Orange colored, black "socks" and black tipped tail and ears. Blue eyes.

Wears a variety of outfits: a black and orange flight suit, a white cruise ship captain's uniform, a knit sweater with slacks, or a twead suit for starters. He carries an old brass locket hidden underneath his shirt at all times, and often has a pistol at his side. He sometimes wears a cutlass about 2 1/2 feet long, which he wears for decoration to his captain's uniform mostly, though he has been practicing fencing rigorously, and is now a bit more than competent with it.


Iago was born to a fox mechanic from Kadath who relocated to Leng in search of a better job. He took a wife there, and Iago was soon born. Soon after his birth however, Iago's family began a series of moves as his father bounced from opportunity to opportunity. Always around planes, Iago developed a dream of flying one. His father, mother, and later his sister, however, hated the constant moving, and when Iago was 19, his father took his earnings and settled on Leng, vowing never to get on another plane if he could help it. That same year, Iago chose to leave and pay his way toward buying his own plane and securing a place in Flight School. Finding out his father's birth on Kadath offered him a chance for an internship at a small library, he jumped at it, hoping for some cash, and perhaps a bit of perspective on where his father came from. Iago served at the library on Kadath for three years, until finally earning enough cash to enroll at Echo and purchase a small cr4p.

Over time, Iago enjoyed a fair deal of success as a trader of miscellaneous goods, before experimenting with an idea suggested by Aquilus Sky that he use his library experience to try opening a "flying service," carting books from skyland to skyland. His initial effort met with disappointment when his warehouse of books was destroyed in a storm.

Changing his tactics, he rebuilt his stock and now keeps his library on his ship a barracuda he dubbed the Carnegie. It offers passenger trips with a library service to boot.

One day while visiting the Rotor and Prop, he met the black panther Elise Martins. They soon began a relationship. He confided in her, and her alone, that his father had, in fact, been part of an anti-unobtanium group seeking to shock skytopia into taking steps to restrict its proliferation by creating (usually) victimless accidents surrounding it. One such 'accident' when Iago was 19 left a man critically injured however, causing his father to lose faith in the cause. Thinking his father weak willed, Iago had really gone to Kadath intending to continue his father's legacy and lead the terrorist group. He planned a massive demonstration of unobtanium danger (the details are not known), but chickened out at the last minute, pinning the whole scheme on a more senior member of the group, a black cat named Othello. This has left him a great deal of pent up guilt and self doubt at times. Recently, Othello reappeared as a skyrate frequenting the R&P. His intentions seemed unclear, though he acted kindly to Ophelia, helping her with information to avoid pirates and offering her high paying missions. He also sent Iago a get well gift in the hospital when he his ale was drugged (the mystery of this attack was never solved). They finally came face to face in the R&P, and after a brief scuffle in which Iago protected Othello from an attack, they left to catch up on old times. Whatever differences they might have had seem to be resolved.

Iago's sister Ophelia has also become a skyrate, working for their father's company. A series of financial hardships, coupled by an injury that left their father paralyzed from the waist down left their hardware company in dire straits, rather than ask for help, or even tell Iago of the situation, Iago's father allowed Ophelia to ship goods for them. When he found out, Iago was hurt and confused, and has not contacted his father or mother since. Ophelia, for her part, has helped turn the family business into a very successful enterprise.

Iago eventually asked Elise Martins to marry him, and she graciously accepted. They were married on the Carnegie, in a beautiful ceremony marred by a vicious betrayal!!

Time passed, and it was revealed that the mastermind behind behind the plot was Iago's own father! In conjunction with the Hidden Fleet, he'd hoped to create sympathy for his son, in order to make him governor of Leng, a plan that temporarily suceeded. Iago confronted his father, hoping to get him to confess and receive a lighter sentence. However, the Fleet had other plans. Elise and Iago survived, but the Carnegie, and Iago's Mother and Father did not.

The members of the Hidden Fleet who mastereminded the plot were never found, but several suspected members were killed in a mysterious explosion in a secluded house on Jordan. The cause was attributed to a faulty gas main which went off when one member fired a gun.

Since then, Iago has only appeared occasionally. He now flies a Bismark, dubbed the Carnegie II, though this library is highly restricted.

He resurfaced in the Barrens recently, attempting to steal from an ancient library, unintentionally destroying it. His body was not found...

But then he showed up again, having saved several documents from the cave. He's on some sort of mission to retrive boxes from locations based on his findings.

He and Elise have a male black fox child and another on the way.

The CarnegieEdit

The Carnegie no longer exits, but was a fine ship. The passenger brochure read as follows:

The Carnegie is a cruise ship service that also has a library service. Upon entering the Carnegie, passengers see a roomy promenade area that serves as a comfortable lounge, with Manik co. coffee and other drinks available for a small fee. From the promenade, guests may exit out onto the main deck, which on clear night offers a truly majestic view of the sea and stars. The guest rooms offer morning calls, room service, and even a catalog from which you can request reading material for yourself.

A number of other services are available on the Carnegie, including a massage service managed by professional massage therapist Elise Martins. This service comes with the Captain's highest personal recommendation! Have those annoying back pains soothed away during flight.

For those concerned about pirates and other inconveniences, our captain assures passengers that he takes pride in his navigator's expert skills at avoiding detection 90% of the time. In those rare occasions where unwelcome guests do arrive, the Carnegie is equipped with four powerfully upgraded machine guns for defense. Many passengers report that watching sky battles from the promenade or weather deck to be an unexpected treat!

The lower deck contains a spacious library, circulating at last count over 900 books, and we are always building our collection. Books both new and old, on nearly every subject, stand ready for checkout. Need help finding something? Our crew is always on the job! Just walk up to the reference desk and ask!

Library Loan ServiceEdit

The Carnegie allows any citizen of Skytopia to start an account with us! And to check out books, you don't even need to drop by! Just send in a request by radio at the Rotor and Prop, our ship is always tuned in! We'll fly by in our Book Inger and drop your books off there, and when finished just drop them off at our loan box outside! Books check out for one month.

Please note that failure to return books on time may result in house calls to clarify your account status. Did we mention the ship's guns? Just checking.


Olga Ignator
Deer crew
Navigator, Assistant Director, Head of Reference
Born 24 years old
Species Deer
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}

Olga was the navigator and assistant library director, and also head of reference. She was Iago's first crew hire, and they seem to be close. She often stayed by his bed when he was drugged. From Arcadia, Olga grew up in an 'artsy' family, and 'rebelled' by embracing a love of mathematics and practical things. She would usually run things, be it library or ship matters, when Iago wasn't around.

She's recently set out on her own...but this doesn't seem to be going well. She signed up recently as a navigator again. This time for Hyashi.

Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Alma is a no nonsense sloth mechanic that helped set up the library loan service, and helps keep the plane flying smoothly. Or she did until she attempted to wreck the plane through sabotage on Iago's wedding night. She was tracked down by Othello, but killed before he could pry much out of her.

Lrisa is head of cataloging, and of trading for when the Carnegie must transport goods. She can play the violin.

Polina is the newest crew member. A diplomat, and the kind face that greets people as they enter and leave the library.



Honour and Duty

This character is a member of the Crimson Armada.

Born 29 years old
Died (optional)
Species Black Cat
Affiliation Crimson Armada
Wing The Grinning Rogers
Profile (optional)

Profile Othello is a jet black cat from Olio. He's 29 years old, 6'6" and muscular, and has yellow eyes. While working with for the Grinning Rogers, he wears a black jacket with gray undershirt and black pants and boots. Other times, he wears his Crimson Armada uniform, or a long black trench coat with an Armada insignia on the collar, and a red undershirt and black pants and boots. His typical weapons include a Ka-Bar hidden in his boot, a kuri knife, and a STEN Mk.VI(S). Beneath his clothes, several long scars are visible across his back and chest.

Othello tends to be extremely stoic in manner, though not unfriendly, but well mannered in a way that might seem artificial at first. At times he has been the voice of order, trying to break up barfights for instance, but he has also demonstrated a vicious streak, such as the assault on New Hovlund.

Notable for someone who frequents the Rotor and Prop, Othello does not drink alcohol. This is because of a personal vow he took when young, to dedicate himself totally to fighting piracy and criminals. He seems to have a strong personal faith, and has spoken kindly of the Earthen Order, feeling "everyone has a vocation to fulfill" and his is merely different from theirs. Where this comes from is something he has not revealed to many...

Biography {C}Raised on Olio, he went to college with on Kadath, where was part of an anti unobatanium group until a younger member, Iago, 'sold him out' to cover up for a plan he decided he didn't want to see through. He was sent back to Olio after that, but little about his history before or after Kadath has been elaborated on. He has occasionally claimed to have been raised by scorpions.

He doesn't drink alcohol, but stops by the R&P often for a glass of water nonetheless. He seems fond of fruit.

Prior to joining the Armada, he took part in an assault on a cult on New Hovlund, fighting along side many members of all factions. He seems extremely dedicated, almost obsessed with pursuing pirates, and in particular breaking up contraband rings. He shows a special interest in stopping the illegal shipment and use of Unobtanium.

Originally a lone fighter, usually wearing a black trench coat, he joined the Crimson Armada and now wears their colors. He was drafted to join The Grinning Rogers, and became their chief interrogator.

Crew {C}he used to have a trader and specialist in salvage operations, the Honorable Schell of Shriebeck, a green eyed raccoon in a red jacket who also stops by the R&P, but does not share Othello's abstinence from strong drink, and in fact tends to go overboard. He also smokes, and has been known to hang out in the tavern trash can, eavesdropping on the local gossip. A near identical cousin of his attempted to impersonate him in order to sabotage Othello's ship, but was killed in the act by Phédre Spitfire 'Honorable' Schell's cousin, Glorious Schell, joined the crew as a Diplomat, and has appeared in the bar at least once. She seems embarrassed by him. She helps out in interrogations, playing "good cop" to Othello's bad.

Ophelia FoxxEdit

Ophelia Foxx
Fox Female
CEO of Foxx Inc
Born 22 years old
Species Fox
Affiliation Jade Hand


5'9" Fit and toned, but still with curves. Blue eyes. Bright, glossy orange fur, hair down to her waist. An equally glossy tail to the floor. Dresses in various outfits.

She was actually very slim before taking up training to fight. She'll wear a host of outfits, rarely the same one twice in a row. When fighting, she ties her tail and hair into braided ropes. Her fighters outfit is are fighter's shorts and a sports bra, green with white trim and stripes down the side.


Ophelia by Dusty Skiff


Ophelia was born the younger sister of Iago Foxx, the son of a fox couple, a loving homemaker and a mechanic on the skyland of Leng, though they did spend quite a bit of time moving due to father's employment. When home they were a happy family...though Ophelia was unaware that her father was secretly a saboteur, opposing the trade and use of unobtanium. He quit after an innocent was injured, much to the disgust of Iago, who believed his father had gone soft, and left, going his own evolution, eventually running a flying library and joining the Armada.

Ophelia's father turned his mechanic business into a hardware store, but when Ophelia was merely 18, with Iago far away, her father was paralyzed in a store accident from the waist down.

Ophelia seized the opportunity to take control of her family's business, taking to it like a fish to water. She quickly expanded it from tools to parts, steel, and even weapons. She began buying smaller shops on other skylands and expanding the Foxx brand, turning the small family operation into a multiskyland corporation. The Foxx's were soon millionaires. She purchased a Levi, named it the Iron Lady, and made it the moble HQ of Foxx Inc. Iago was at first shocked and upset, partly at not being told his father was in need, but they soon overcame this, and Iago respected his sister's accomplishments.

All was not well however. The Hidden Fleet tapped into the anti-Unobtanium group their father and Iago had been apart of. He and her mother were killed in the a terrorist attack.

Though grieving, Ophelia's empire continued to grow. She found little to relate to with spoiled rich however, except in swindling them in business. Cold and calculating from her experiences, she desired an equal as a mate, though she seemed to view romantic love as a waste of time.

She found herself drawn to the imposing and charismatic pirate Saghiri. He exposed her to the world of underground fighting, and she grew interested in it, to the point of looking to participate herself.

She began to train, transforming her slim frame into toned figure laced with strength. She not only fought, she fought well, while still finding time to run her business. Though her relationship with the tiger was on off, the fighting became her passion.

Winning fight after fight, she finally defeated the reigning champion, Tilly the Tiger in a five round decision. After this, she met and began a relationship with Blake Spencer, despite his own relationship to Maya Muldrake. Obviously, this has created some tension. For now, Blake seems to have chosen her over Maya.

B.B. WhitetailEdit

Ben Whitetail

B.B. Whitetail, as a student on Lhasa. -Courtesy George Stallengrant


Benjamin Breckinridge Whitetail is a 24 year old whitetail buck and member of the Earthen Order. He's a graduate of Alcuin University, studying among other things, history, archaeology, and theology. He's often seen in his brown Order robe, toting around books, or having a draft stout at the tavern. Other times he can be seen in the park, singing lightly to himself.


Ben was born on Luz to scientist parents, a biologist father and a geologist mother, neither of which were religious in any real sense. Their son however, found the physical sciences tedious, loving history and myth. Even as a child, he'd spend hours in the library or the local book stores, tracking down as many books on the legends of Magnus and his kingdom as he could. The tales of Magnus and his kingdom fascinated him.

When he was 18, a mighty hurricane smashed the skylet of Luz. The first response to the disaster came from the Order, who helped rebuild his home. In the nights while his family stayed in their camp for temporary housing, he could hear their meetings, their songs and group discussions. The stories of the kingdom of Magnus perked his interest, and he began to attend, to ask questions. In time, he began to read the Book of Alcuin and other sacred writings, to study and research. In time, he became convinced of their truth, and he knew he had found his place. Much to his parents shock, he left Luz to study at Alcuin University.

He flies a seahawk as part of his internship with the Order, and runs various search and rescue missions with it, pulling unfortunate pilot and crew out of the icy waters of skytopia. He recently fell in love with an impala name Narua, a non Order member and a warrior fighter, despite their differences.

Upon graduating from Alcuin University and in light of the fall of Narua's home skyland of Bara (a remote skyland in the black), he struck out to the Hidden Fleet controlled skyland as a school teacher in hopes to give a message of hope to those citizens under foreign rule. When the Fleet began rounding up citizens, he and a few students escaped with Narua into the wilderness with her tribe and other survivors.


Narua Swala by Dusty Skiff

Narua and Ben were married under the cover of war, and spent a short, wonderfully happy time together. After the freeing of Bara, Ben and Narua joined the pilgrimage to the Barrens, where Ben felt the imense spirtual renewal of walking in the birth place of his faith. After several months, he felt the call to return for a time at least, though Narua insisted she stay and help the local fighters defend against the Fleet. Not known to Ben, Narua grew lonely, and became unfaithful. Heartbroken on return, Ben left her, and threw himself into his work for the Order. Recently, they met again, and along they did not return to being a couple, they are in an 'open' relationship.

He serves at the local shelter at the RP skylet, helping with meals, counseling the needy, serving in chapel, and running the Thrift shop.

Ben applied for and received a grant to go on a very special research trip: To Narua's home skyland, where he will attempt to completely integrate himself into the rather primitive culture for an indefinite time period.

Once there, he was given the name "Nje" or foreign. He lived with the wandering male herd, and fought in a brief conflict with the neighboring lion tribes. The year came to an end and he returned...but found the friendships and experiences there calling him to return. He did, and claimed a territory in the land grab, becoming a tribal leader, and reuniting at long last with Narua, for good.

Grace HemingwayEdit

Grace Hemingway
Navigator, Pilot, Prophetess of Maxima
Born 22 years old
Died N/A
Species Deer
Affiliation Earthen Order BrownFlag


A thin, sandy brown furred doe with black hair down to between her shoulder blades, brown eyes. Wears a tan robe with a hood. Through much of her life, she wore mostly fight gear, even off the job, and her hair short, cut just below her ears.


Grace was born on Lhasa, and spent much of her childhood there, learning from the monks all the basics. Though she admired scriptures and lessons taught to her, through the various mission trips she took, she grew fascinated with planes and mechanics as well, and under the encouragement from her father (an engineer) and local priest, though to the slight disappointment of her mother (a priestess herself), she pursued aviations. Graduating with honors, she took a position as navigator on B. B. Whitetail’s plane while they helped rescue downed planes and go from place to place, running missions of mercy to skylands in need. She eventually struck out on her own, with limited success, till the call came out for a mission to the Barrens. Intrigued, and feeling a strange familiar calling to visit the birthplace of her faith, and help free it from the Fleet, she traveled with many others on the Vastille. There she did work as a pilot, running missions, to run supplies. Until one day…

Attacked and stranded in the desert by pirates, Grace feared for her life, and prayed, not only for rescue, but for peace if she would die there. At the end of her rope…the burning light of the sun was drowned out by another…

Vision 1: (In the Barrens desert, suffering from dehydration) A lioness in a white robe wrapped in light appeared to her. She didn't say her name, but Grace understood this to be Magnus. Magnus said: “Do not be troubled my child. I love you, and you will survive this, for there is much work for you to yet do.” She then said, with a tone of seriousness, “Listen to me: On the day when all people have become citizens of my Kingdom, I shall return, and you shall live in a new Kingdom, free of want for eternity. In the rock between my countenance and the scar my future will be made known.”

She was rescued from both the heat and pursuing pirates by Blake Spencer, Otto Oddell, and several others, but quickly collapsed from exhaustion. In a trance, while Blake Spencer carried her to the hospital, she related Magnus’ words to him, then fell unconscious again. Awaking in a bed in the hotel, she related the story to Otto Oddell. At first she had her doubts about its legitimacy. But she quickly began to believe the visions were real, and that she was a prophetess. She recalled the first part of the lioness’ words were from Alcuin’s first vision of Magnus, but the source and meaning of second half was a puzzle. That very night, while sleeping, her second vision came…

Vision 2: (in the hotel, in her bed, dreaming) Grace is walking through a forest, when she sees two figures in shadow: A man speaking to another in a cloud of smoke. As she approaches the smoke, the grass turns to sand and rock and the man in smoke turns to her, changed to her lioness before, and says one word: “Balance.” She then sees Alcuin in the distance, speaking to a statue, a giant earthquake, and Earthbreach crumbling. She then sees her lioness descending on a mountain, dressed in a Queen’s garb. She speaks, “There must be balance Grace, prepare them.”

Grace related the visions to both Otto and Blake, as well as a few others. She began to be convinced that the three places represented real places in the Barrens she needed to find. She also began to believe the vision of Magnus as a queen, not a king indicated that Magnus was soon to return, but as a queen. It was only fair, she reasoned. Men and women called Magnus “He” for centuries, the second time around, things would be balanced. The convoy stayed at the hotel for an extended period of time. While there, Grace began preaching open air in city square, gathering a crowd of eager listeners among the homeless, especially women. Two followers of note, Chanil-Lee, a 5’2” tan lizard lady and Chadris, a 5’11” strong camel woman became especially close to her. When the convoy left, Grace took 10 women, with 3 children, and 4 men from amongst the homeless with them. They packed into the back and listened to Grace’s sermons every night. During this time, she grew closer to Blake, wondering why she had related her first prophecy to him specifically. On one night, she, without recalling where she might have heard it before, told him that "Laurie" forgave him and still loved him. Laurie of course being the name of Blake's mother.

Vision 3: (Praying, in her room on the Convoy) Grace suddenly sees Alcuin, Magnus behind him, in a desert. He hands her a book, and a pen. “Write” He says. “ It is your turn. Your words must be added.” He vanishes. Then Mangus, standing in a desert pleads, “Find me, my countenance. That is your first task.” She then sees a vision of desert dunes, rolling over and over themselves.

Following this vision, she began writing her visions as well as other thoughts that she deemed inspired to pen, building an addition to the Book of Alcuin. Based on the vision, the group treked into the desert, finding the remains of a ruined statue. Grace climbed atop it, and was suddenly struck with her next vision:

Vision 4: (on the ruined statue) The Queen appears, watching Alcuin read, Grace by her side. Alcuin speaks, reading from the book. “The ground shakes in distress at man’s wickedness. The world is twisted and scarred. And the scar festers with vermin. Heal us, oh Magnus. Show us the way.” The queen nods, as does Alcuin. He turns and vanishes into the desert. She turns to Grace and speaks.

“Listen well to these words, but know that you, when you call for help, shall call me by my true name for this age.” She leans in, and whispers, “I am Maxima, prophetess.”

Enthralled that her Goddess had revealed her name to her, Grace called it out to the crowd, then led them to a scar like fault line in the Barrens, but not before grabbing a medallion embedded in the statue.

She found a robed figure, offering to take her to a shrine in the scar, which appeared hazardous, both due to scorpions said to kill all unworthy, and the fact that the robed figure was actually a spy for the Hidden Fleet. Due to Blake's interference, and the choice of the scorpions to favor the hooded ferret over them for their venom. They found a small shrine, which upon having the medallion inserted, gave her a key and pointed a beam of light at a mountain.

Returning to the convoy, Blake and Grace found a blood bath. The Fleet had attacked, only for the convoy to be saved by a mysterious group of warriors claiming to be the "Sons of Magnus," who have protected the mountain from which Alcuin recieved his technology centuries ago. They claim that upon the Great Upheaval, a few scientists grabbed as much technology and knowlege as possible and sealed it in a mountain behind a door. They set up tests to see if anyone could be worthy to open the door and the secrets within. In the centuries of waiting, only Alcuin,and now Grace, had passed.

Blake was skeptical, but Grace allowed them to lead the way.

Following them, they found a mountain community guarding a large door. Upon opening it, they found a library of ancient literature from before the Upheavel. But they were ambushed by Iago, hoping to take for himself. In the resulting fight, the library was destroyed, with Iago apparently vanishing, though his body was not found. She gave one tablet to Blake, then sent him on the way. She and her followers now live in a Barrens city, where their influence over the small community grows. In time, she plans to complete her book and bring her teaching to Skytopia proper.

Thiess CouraeEdit


6'7" 30 years old, muscular to the point of nearly having a body builder figure. Amber eyes, silver fur, black stripe along back. Knife scar on muzzle and ear. Glossy brown leather jacket, tan pants, black steel toed boots.


Born on Alpha 5, deep in the bowels of its industrial works, Thiess grew up rarely seeing the light of day. At a young age, he turned to piracy, and spent several years in prison for his works. In and out of prison, he mostly worked as hired muscle.

Out of prison, he's become a worker at the local shelter for the Earthen Order, also occasionally running patrols. He seems ashamed of his past. A few jobs with Tomm have recently given him a bit of well appreciated money.

Sara FloresEdit

A 25 year old, 6'2" Komodo Dragon from Luz. Tall and strong, olive green scales, brown eyes, brown hair to her shoulders (?). Usually in business suit and skirt. She speaks with a strong Luzish accent and goes door selling knives and other goods.

Jenny LivingstonEdit

A 22 year old 5'6" sea gull. She took over Ben's position as assistant abbot at the shelter when he went on his trip, due to her high scores at Alcuin University.

She's, ironically, deathly afraid of flight. In fact she has only traveled from Grotto to Lhasa, and from Lhasa to the RP skylet in her entire life.

Dr. DinosaurEdit

Dr. Dinosaur
Died (optional)
Species Velociraptor
Wing (optional)
Profile (optional)

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

Pre historic characters don't exist in skyrates, everyone knows that. They certainly don't show up from time to time in the Rotor and Prop, they don't follow Margareet around making her think she's insane. And they don't try to make it up by saving her sick child with their medical skills. Don't be stupid.

That blue Raptor that looks like he walked off the set from Jurrasic Park? Not real. He's not wearing a white lab coat and goggles. He's not laughing deviously. He didn't just make a machine that makes licorice out of liquor. That's ridiculous. And he certainly didn't flea bomb the tavern.

He's not smiling at you. He didn't just drink your beer. He didn't just jump out the window.

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

Dr. Dinosaur doesn't exist.

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