The Skybrary

Boar Male.png
Born 161 A.U
Died Yet to occur.
Species Boar
Affiliation Flight School
Wing None

Character Description[]

Kanephren is a visibly thin boar with slightly-greying short black fur, and partly due to that it seems there is not much to him even though he is about 188cm tall. He has acquired various injuries, the most visible case being various things to the left side of his face - scattered scarring to the head and neck, a (not immediately obvious) glass eye, and chipped tusks.

Most of the time his outfit consists of black denim trousers with a few commonly-used tools strapped to one leg, leather boots, an old grey military-style jacket(without any factional emblems or the like) and a short scarf for masking the neck damage. Does not have a tail.

Character Background[]

Due to various reasons, Kanephren can remember a few general points about his past, but not all of the details. He can remember basically nothing about his parents or family beyond possibly having had an older sibling. At a young age he was palmed off to an orphanage/boarding school, which has since closed down.

He joined the CAF at approximately 18, primarily as a support role though the scope of accumulated training was diverse. He was involved with the Civil War for a time, but shortly before the end something happened which resulted in him being discharged on medical grounds and sent to an asylum for a few years.

Although briefly running a business for part of the in-between time, he eventually entered and graduated from Flight School though not without incident and is currently operating as a solo trader. The incident in question being that at one point while in FS, the engine of the CR-4P he was piloting exploded during takeoff, shrapnel causing the facial injuries along with one or two fragments being lodged in his brain - at that time either too difficult or risky to remove. The damage to the brain having it's own list of problems.

Character Personality[]

Emotionless with a self-depreciating streak, partly from the thought that most of what he becomes involved in merely ends up disintegrating. Does not have any thoughts of joining any of the Red, Green, or Blue factions due to the possibly incorrect viewpoint that his having been on the losing side of the Civil War would be an issue for those in the factions who were involved. A recent narrowly-avoided accident has caused him to re-evaluate his negative opinions on things.

Aircraft History[]