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Hidden War[]

List of characters[]

Azure League[]

Court of Violets[]

Crimson Armada[]


Earthen Order[]

Jade Hand[]

Hidden Fleet[]


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Crimson.png Honor and duty. This character is a member of the Crimson Armada.
Violet.png Perfection and art. This character is a member of the Court of Violets.
Azure.png Freedom of mind; freedom of body. This character is a member of the Azure League.
Jade.png Open and closed. This character is a member of the Jade Hand.
Earthen.png In Magnus' name. This character is a member of the Earthen Order.
Independent.png You can't take the sky from me. This character is Independent.
FSLogo.png Truth gives wings. This character remains a member of Flight School.
Vengeance-side.png If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger gun.
Camel crew.png Crew... harem... there's a difference?

SR2.3 plane navbox[]

Planes (SR2.3)
Type\Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6
Performance Chapparal Marauder Nova Thor Loki Ingersoll
Combat/Perf Excelsior Valkyrie Havoc Mk-II Thunderbolt -
Combat Phantom Seahawk Vengeance Hades Bismarck Avenger
Combat/Trade Mastiff Cyclops Lancaster Bolo Dauntless -
Trader Halifax Nomad Bullfrog Cetacea Kingfisher Leviathan
Perf/Trade Kittyhawk Spectre Requin Seafire Barracuda -
Other CR-4P - - Mantis Barashiki -
  • The CR-4P was still a tier 0 craft.
  • The Mk-II was priced halfway between tiers 3 and 4.
  • The Mantis was the most upgradable craft in the game and was priced halfway between tiers 4 and 5.
  • Tommy Chong's Barashiki was intended as a tier 5 perf/trade. It wasn't actually implemented, having been designed during SR2.3 for the Legacy Operation.

Faded faction colours[]

Just done in Photoshop by altering the transparency.

5% 10% 20% 50% 100% Forum HTML
Green #f2faf5 #e5f5ea #ccebd6 #7fcc99 #009933 #336600 green
Orange #fff7f2 #ffefe5 #ffe0cc #ffb27f #ff6600 #ff6600 orange
Yellow #fffcf5 #fffaea #fff5d6 #ffe599 #ffcc33 #996600 yellow
Red #fcf5f2 #faeae5 #f5d6cc #e5997f #cc3300 #660000 red
Purple #f9f3ff #f2e8ff #e6d2ff #c08dfe #811cfd #4f0295 purple
Blue #f2f7fa #e5eff5 #cce0eb #7fb2cc #006699 #000066 blue
Brown #f9f5f2 #f2ece5 #e6d9cc #c1a07f #844200 #663300 brown


Born Unknown Unknown.png
Died n/a
Species Unknown
Faction Earthen.png None
Craft None
Awards and degrees


Professional history


User:Kasarn/Template:HistoricalCharacter uses Template:Fc to pick the colour scheme.


I put this together for Radio, but thought it looked rather gaudy. Figured I'd dump it here as a reference anyway.

Lord Gilbert [Flight Master]: Welcome to Flight School. Let's do a rollcall!
Admiral Ignacious Fuseli [Glorious General]: The Crimson Armada stands ready!
Voyager Lawrence Islo [Noble Vagabond]: The Azure League is here too! Fuseli is a butthead!
Guildmistress Dasha Eltsina [Brilliant Master]: Pfft, tryhards. The Jade Hand awaits.
Shining One [Grand Artist: The Court of Violets is there and not here.
Matriarch Clara [Guide]: The Earthen Order wishes Magnus' blessing upon you all.
Captain Remy [Noted Scoundrel]: Arr! I be the scurviest Pirate that ever flew these skies.
Mistress Mimsi Fancyfeast: I'm the prettiest princess of the Independents!
» Lord Gilbert rolls his eyes as he finishes marking off the roll.
phil [Dev]: ((Mimsi is my alt))
zolurker: omg phil!

Lord Gilbert: /b is for bold
Lord Gilbert: /i is for italic
Lord Gilbert: ((/ooc takes you out of character))
» Lord Gilbert emotes with /me, /em, or /emote
» Lord Gilbert adjusts his hat, "Nothing special is required to include speech in your emote."
Lord Gilbert: ...
Lord Gilbert: /ignore "Player Name" will cause you to stop receiving that player's messages.
Lord Gilbert: Use /unignore "Player Name" to start seeing them again.
Lord Gilbert: The quote marks are required if there is a space in the player's name.
Lord Gilbert: It's also case-sensitive, so make sure the capitalization is correct!
Lord Gilbert: ...
Lord Gilbert: To hear a a recorded message from yours truly, use /help. Nobody else will see it.
» Lord Gilbert types /help
Lord Gilbert: *** HELP REQUEST RECEIVED ***
                     Ahoy there Skyrate!  Glad to see you using the radio.
                     Skyrates' names show up as their faction color.
                     Use the gray marker on the right to scroll chat.
                     Use /ignore Player Name to ignore Player Name for that play session.
                     Use the tabs above to switch between general, faction, and wing chat.
                     Use /em or /me to perform an emote, like /me waves good-bye.
» Lord Gilbert waves good-bye.
» Lord Gilbert stops the tape as the recording ends.
Lord Gilbert: Some other fun commands include /fiesta and a variety of colors, such as /red /blue /green /brown and /purple.
Lord Gilbert: However, these are only available on special occasions.

Joining a faction[]

The following automated messages are displayed when you join a faction:

{general chat}
Lord Gilbert:  whispers to you, 'You have been granted access to your new faction's secure radio channel. Click the 'Faction' chat tab to access it, and good luck out there!'

{faction chat}
Lord Gilbert:  whispers to you, 'Welcome to your new faction's secure radio channel. Go ahead and introduce yourself!'