The Skybrary

[[File:{{{1}}}.png|30px|link={{{1}}}]] [[{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]


Just something to make the code for my gov listings easier to read.


This is the Skyland name. Anything that is not a skyland won't work. Multiword skylands (Isla di Pisa and New Hovlund) need to be capitalized correctly or they won't work.
Just throw anything in here to make it not strikethrough. I lose more govs than I hold, so that's just my preference.

Other uses?[]

Welcome to Eltsina-skyland.pngEltsina!

If you want something for more general use, consider something like:

[[File:{{#switch:{{lc:{{{1}}} }}
|{{{1}}}}}.png|{{{2|20px}}}|link={{{1}}}]] [[{{{1}}}]]

In this case, {{{2}}} now controls the image size with a default of 20px.